Is It Legal to Join Ukraine’s Military Defense?

Warnings for Staying Home

If you are willing to volunteer in the fight to defend Ukraine is legally permitted however, there is a problem with the U.S. Defense Department is dissuading Americans from participating. In a news conference, a top military official stated, “If a veteran or anyone else American citizen is looking to assist those living in Ukraine the most effective way for doing that is to contribute money to Red Cross or any other charity organization that is working to provide aid and support to Ukrainians. This isn’t to travel to Ukraine.”

The Brookings Institute sounded a similar statement, saying that foreign combatants can cause more harm due to issues with language. Additionally, studies suggest that civilian violence increases in the event that foreign fighters are deployed. “In general” the Institute stated, “private war is a undesirable option, even in situations such as Ukraine where there’s an obvious victim and the state of villainy.”

Steps for Volunteer Fighters

However, Ukraine has put out the request for assistance. If you would like to take the invitation, the Ukraine’s International Legion provides a list of the steps prospective foreigners should take. These are some of them:

  • Make an application at the Ukrainian Embassy via telephone, email, and in person.
  • Determine the necessary documents needed for proving military service.
  • Make preparations for the Zoom interview with the Embassy and submit an application.

If they are accepted, they must take further steps, which include:

  • If you are able, carry the military gear you have with you, such as a helmet and body armor. However, guns must be kept in the safest place. Ukraine has weapons available.
  • Find out how to travel in Ukraine as well as the necessary documents you’ll require.

Notification: We do not endorse the practice.

Heightened Risks for Volunteer Fighters

In the meantime, Russia issued a warning of foreign fighters who are not Russian citizens — Russian Vladimir Putin, President Vladimir Putin calls them “mercenaries” and will be treated with a harsh snub. On the 3rd of March, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenko advised that foreigners are not entitled to legal rights to fight in the international laws.

“At most, they will hope to be investigated for crimes,” he said. “We urge all international citizens with intentions of fighting against Kyiv’s regime of nationalists to think about it a dozen times before embarking there.”

However, a lot of people say that they would like to take on. In March The Ukrainian Embassy located in Washington, D.C., said it received information more than 6000 Americans. Embassy officials say they did not accept 50% of these.

There is no need to resolve the problem on your own. Hire a Lawyer

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If you’d like to be part of Ukraine’s battle against Russia it is possible to. You’ll need experience in the military in order to be eligible. This is probably a bad choice.