Personal injury lawyers should go to Ukraine – The Recorder

Published: 3/23/2022 9:48:10 PM

Modified: 3/23/2022 9:47:31 PM

There’s no shortage of injury in Ukraine. It’s clear that we have an abundance of self-proclaimed champions of the injured who copiously despair that they don’t have enough victims. You can’t turn on the TV without being assaulted by the question “have you been injured?” There’s the claim by all of them that they’ll get justice. It’s our humanitarian obligation to send all the personal injury lawyers to Ukraine to help out real victims of injury. It’ll be a simple chore for the lawyers who can attend to real cases that they don’t have to mine or manufacture.

Additionally it will help inflation. Without the lawyers putting financial burden on the insurance companies our compulsory (it’s a tax by another name) insurance should drop significantly. Our costs should be further reduced because the insurance companies can downsize their legal staff and copious advertising dedicated to the intercourse of the compulsory (it’s a tax by another name) insurance with the personal injury parasites. We can send them to Ukraine as well.

Further it will send the message to Putin that they mean business.

Leo Ojala