Wisconsin Dentist Guilty of Damaging Teeth of Patients to Earn Money

Wisconsin dental professional Scott Charmoli was found guilty of five counts of healthcare fraud as well as two counts of fabricating false statements about his clients treatments, following the fact that the dentist deliberately damaged clients’ teeth in order to bring the insurance industry millions. According to prosecutors Charmoli started urging his patients in the year 2015 to having unnecessary crowns. This is a procedure in which caps that resemble teeth are placed over a tooth that has been damaged. But, Charmoli himself would drill or crack the client’s tooth before sending X-rays of the damage he intended to cause insurance companies in order to justify the procedure.

From 2015 to the year the year 2019, Charmoli charged over $4.2 million in tooth crowns and also performed crowns more often than 95% of the other dentists across Wisconsin. In the year 2020, at the top of the list, Charmoli had over $6.8 million of assets. Charmoli’s frauds were discovered after he had was forced to sell his dental practice in 2019 , and the new owners went to authorities following the discovery of the high number of crown-related procedures. Charmoli insists he’s accountable for “hard job.”

Wisconsin has suspended Charmoli’s license to practice dentistry on February 20, 2021. It was in the process of awaiting an investigation into disciplinary issues. Charmoli could face the possibility of up to 60 years in prison when he is sentenced in June. This case is set to commence when his criminal trial at the federal level has been concluded.

What can Charmoli’s patients claim?

Charmoli is also the target of civil litigation brought by more than one hundred former patients. The prosecution in his trial claimed that a few of the patients are vulnerable people working from paycheck to paycheck such as cancer survivors as well as recent widows. Former patients may be able to claim assault, fraud and medical malpractice against Charmoli for his actions.

Medical malpractice is a type of malpractice in which medical professionals violate the norm of care an ethical professional could follow. Although intentionally injuring patients isn’t considered to be negligence however it’s not a step that a skilled medical professional would do. Every doctor, even dentists swear to not cause harm. intentionally drilling holes into patients’ mouths without knowing is causing harm.

Similar to Charmoli’s deliberate drilling, it is an example of battery on his patients. It is the act of touching without consent of someone else. Patients may have given consent to Charmoli taking care of cleaning and fixing problems on their teeth. However, they were not able to accept his intention of creating gaps in their teeth.

In the end, Charmoli has committed fraud not only against insurance firms, but on every patient whom he “overcharged” in the “work.” Charmoli lied with his patients and let believed that they were suffering from greater dental problems that they actually did. The patients believed they were able to diagnose their problems properly, rather than causing their own problems.

The conviction of Charmoli can make it easier for former clients to claim damages. The criminal case requires proof of an offense beyond the reasonable doubt, while civil responsibility is assessed at an lower level, usually solid and convincing evidence. Because Charmoli was already found for fraud in more stringent standards, clients can use her conviction of a criminal to prove the liability of their civil actions.

Do I need an Attorney for Personal Injuries?

If you’ve suffered an injury to your body due to the negligence of someone else person, you need to consult a lawyer for personal injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney close to you will review the circumstances of your particular case, look through your options and rights as well as advocate for your case in court.