The Slap was heard Around the World Is Will Smith Face Charges for hitting Chris Rock?

Everywhere you look, the web and social media sites are buzzing over Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in the audience at his Oscar nomination.

Rock was present for the presentation of the Oscar for the documentary feature. In his address, he was joking about Jada Smith calling herself “G.I. Jane” due to her hair shaved. The actress. Smith announced last year she had shaved her hair due to alopecia. Will Smith jumped on stage and hit Rock. When Smith went back to his chair and yelled Rock Rock for “Keep My wife’s name off of my lips!” Rock played the entire thing off as the result of a humorous.

At the same time, Will Smith was nominated for an Oscar for his role on the film “King Richard” and was awarded the Oscar. Smith apology to the Academy and the other nominees over his outburst (but it was not Chris Rock).

Chris Rock announced after the ceremony that he didn’t plan to pursue charges. Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock on the following day.

A Spouse’s Defense feelings is not a proper Legal defense

Jada Smith appeared to be terribly angry at Chris Rock’s comment while Will Smith reacted in defense of his wife. While it is understandable what Smith’s response was, it’s not legal to defend against any legal action. It’s legal to defend someone else by using the appropriateforce however that’s not what happened in this case. Rock did not make any remarks verbally about Jada Smith but in no way did he physically assault the wife. Smith or even threaten to strike her. In reality, it Was Will Smith who escalated the confrontation into physical violence thus he can’t make use of his wife’s defence.

Chris Rock’s involvement would have an impact on any possible prosecution

The ability to file criminal charges rests with the District Attorney and not anyone else, regardless of when that individual was the one who committed the offense alleged. If a victim refuses to give consent to prosecution for the suspect does not stop the State from bringing criminal charges. Sometimes the best option is to have this power be held by the District Attorney and not the victim. In the case of victims of domestic violence might hesitate to pursue accusations even if evidence strongly favors the prosecution.

Sometimes, however, co-operation from the victim might be vital for the prosecution in obtaining an indictment. When Chris Rock refuses to cooperate with the prosecution, this could hinder the prosecutor’s case. As an example, Will Smith could claim that the whole incident was staged, and Chris Rock had consented to getting slapped in advance to create publicity for one another. They’re both well-known actors and this scenario is quite plausible. Indeed, Rock could consent to being hit in the aftermath of the incident even if the incident wasn’t planned the slap would be considered a violation of his rights. Will Smith would still win as the slap could not be considered to be battery as consent , or unintentional physical contact is a crucial element in battery. If the prosecution is unable to convince Rock to testify in a contradictory manner Then Smith will prevail since the prosecution needs to present the evidence beyond reasonable possibility of doubt.

It is possible that Rock might file a suit to charge him with battery Smith and could almost surely prevail. But, Rock appears to have suffered no harm or even likely win just a small sum.

Potential Punishment after Prosecution

Should Will Smith were prosecuted, the chances are that he’d only be accused of a battery charge that is misdemeanor. In California the law allows for punishment by a maximum two-dollar fine, or up to six months in jail. The most likely punishment in the case of a typical first-time offender is likely to be a small fine, as well as an instruction to go to an anger management course. Rock wasn’t injured in any way and isn’t pursuing the charges. Any punishment is likely to be minimal considering the minor crime, even if there involved physical assault.

Do I need an attorney for personal injury?

If you’ve suffered an injury to your body due to an unlawful act committed by another You should seek out an attorney for personal injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney will review the details of your situation, go through your options and rights as well as advocate for you before the courts.