The Five Stages of a Personal Injury Case –

If you’ve suffered injuries in an accident in the car, a slip and fall , or another serious injury there’s a good chance you’re worried over a variety of issues. There’s a possibility that you’re worried over paying bills, paying for medical expenses and ensuring you can obtain the medical treatment you need for a return to health. If you’re the sole earner in a family, the worries could be more threatening. For the typical American it can be overwhelming and overwhelming. For ease of understanding this process, let us look at five fundamental steps in an injury claim.

#1 Investigation Stage

In order for an attorney to be able to collect money from the victim, he or will need to conduct an extensive inquiry. In this phase of the procedure, an attorney could hire investigators, crash reconstruction experts, as well as medical professionals. The goal is to establish early on whether the claim can be proved or if someone else was responsible for the injury.

# 2 Treatment Stage

Most of the time, the most lengthy stage of the treatment process is the one that involves. In the end, it’s difficult to determine the real importance of a situation before medical attention is received. Thus, the plaintiff will often require weeks of therapy prior to anything else happening. At this point attorneys will be checking in to ensure that the treatment continues as well as ensure that the person is getting proper treatment.

3 Demand and Negotiations Stage

After the attorney is armed with all the required details, information such as medical records, bill and other information needed to make a claim, an order will be placed on the defendant and the insurance company. Then, negotiations will start. If a fair and reasonable solution can be found great, then the matter is likely to be resolved. In the event that it is not reached, the case moves on onto the next stage.

4 Litigation Stage

If there is any settlement, it may be necessary for the case to be heard before a court. The process starts with filing of a complaint with the county court of the locale. Parties will trade documents, take depositions, and finally decide to bring the case to hearing before a judge or jury for the final decision.

#5 Payment/Security Stage

When a jury has reached a decision or a settlement agreement is agreed upon and the case is completed. For many injured parties, this is one of the toughest parts of the legal process. The reason is that there’s usually a significant amount of waiting time to receive compensation. There are a number of causes for this:

  • The lawyer must inform the insurance company of the defendant’s acceptance, and then request reimbursement
  • The injured victim or plaintiff must release releases, as well as any other forms that are legal.
  • Liens have to be paid (these are medical bills unpaid as well as health insurance liens as well as the government lien)
  • The agreement may require authorizations, or court approvals necessary in the event that the person who is a victim is not old enough or is otherwise not able to sign the contract themselves
  • When you are trying to seek justice for injured victims who have been injured in Florida It can take some time to reach the conclusion you want. If you’re patient and have an active advocate by your side it is possible to succeed when it comes to obtaining a substantial amount of settlement.

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