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This page will focus on Georgia personal injury cases as well as the value they’re worth. The page provides a broad outline of the most important aspects that are part of Georgia tort law, such as the kinds of damages that plaintiffs may receive under Georgia law , as well as the length of time they are able to delay filing. Additionally, we’ll examine the typical settlement amount for Georgia civil lawsuits for personal injuries.

Injuries in Georgia Injuries

In accordance with Georgia law, any person who has been physically injured due to the reckless or negligent conduct by another entity or person can hold the other entity financially accountable for any “damages” resulted from the injury. In order to compensate the plaintiff whole and return them back to the condition they were prior to the accidents. In Georgia Personal injury cases, plaintiffs have the right to three different kinds of damages.

  • Medical Costs:Georgia accident victims are legally entitled to compensation for entire cost of healthcare and treatments for the harm caused by negligent defendant. If the treatment is medically required and fair, the victim can claim the total amount. This is inclusive of the costs for the future medical care that could require treatment in the future.’
  • Loss of Income: Georgia plaintiffs can receive compensation for lost earnings or loss of income they have suffered due to the injury caused by defendant. Let’s take an example. John is hit by Jane and is injured in his back. John cannot return back even back to his work as a roofer , for six months following the incident. Once he is finally able to return back, John can no more work on roofs , and the company will have relocate into a desk position with a salary of $20,000 less each year. If John files an action for personal injury against Jane and Jane, he will have the right to compensation in the amount of 6 weeks’ wage loss, and the annual $20,000 in the future loss of income.
  • Injuries and Suffering Under Georgia law, plaintiffs injured are also entitled to damages for mental pain and suffering resulting from physical harms caused by the negligent defendant.

Limit on Damages in Georgia

A number of states have passed statutes that limit the maximum amount which plaintiffs are entitled to in personal injuries lawsuits. Georgia doesn’t have a damages cap on personal injury claims that involve auto accident, premises liability, productsand different types of injury.

In 2005, , the Georgia legislature passed an act that imposed a limit on limit on damages in cases involving medical malpractice. The legislation (GA Code SS51-13-1) is a limitation on how much pain and suffering damages that a plaintiff could obtain in a medical malpractice lawsuit to $350,000 for an individual defendant. in Atlanta Oculoplastic Surgery v. Nestlehutt 691 S.E.2d 218 (Ga. 2010) The Georgia Supreme Court declined to use the state-mandated damage cap due to the fact that it violated the Georgia state constitution. The legislation on the damage cap has been in effect since Georgia Code Georgia Code, although its legality is questioned due to the Nestlehutt decision.

Georgia Statue of Limitations in Personal Accident Cases

Every state has statutes of limitations that establish time limitations on the length of time the plaintiff has to wait before they can bring a suit. In Georgia the time limit for filing a personal-injury lawsuit lasts for two years from date the lawsuit “accrues.” GA Code SS 9-3-33. If potential plaintiffs from Georgia do not start their lawsuit for injury within the two-year timeframe in Georgia, they’ll forever be exempt from bringing suit. Georgia-State-Capital-Building-Atlanta-200x300

Georgia is governed by Georgia’s “discovery rule” in order to decide what constitutes “claim is due” and when the two-year limitation timeframe begins. In this system claims are deemed to accrue whenever the plaintiff realizes or should reasonably have known the possibility of having claims to the defendant. For auto accidents it is a matter of the day of the incident since any rational person ought to be aware that they may are able to assert a legal claim against the driver who is at fault. For malpractice claims but, the exact date that the claim is due can be a bit more complex.

How much are Georgia personal injury lawsuits worth?

The value that could be derived from an Georgia personal injury suit at trial or settlement depends upon a variety of aspects, but the primary factor to consider is the degree of the plaintiff’s physical injury. The cases that involve more severe, permanent injuries are more likely to have a high amount of settlement. The following chart shows the the average value of settlements for Georgia personal injury claims depending on the severity of injury.

THE LEVEL of Injury


LEVEL 1. (Minor) $16,000 – $27,000
LEVEL 2. (Moderate) $55,000 – $129,000
LEVEL 3. (Major) $205,000 – $520,000

Other factors which have an influence on the value of a case involving injuries in Georgia. The kind of personal injury lawsuit (e.g. an auto accident or. medical negligence) usually makes a huge variation, partly due to the quantity of insurance available to pay all damage. Many auto accident cases such as this there is a limit to the value of the claim is restricted to $150,000-$200,000 (or perhaps lower) due to the policy maximum in auto insurance policies.

A third major reason for the importance for Georgia personal injury lawsuits is which jurisdiction the case falls within. Georgia is one of the states which has an extremely broad spectrum of socio-economic and economic demographics. If you’re involved in an accident case within Atlanta or DeKalb county, it’s likely be much more valuable price because juries from the areas tend to be more favorable for plaintiffs when compared with juries who are located in the remote areas of the county.

Georgia Settlements and Verdicts for Personal Injuries as well as Settlements

  • 2021 Georgia $ 19,000 Verdict. A 33-year-old woman was hit by a car. She was injured by a disc herniation. The patient received chiropractic treatments for five years. They continued to have neck as well as back tension. She took painkillers prescribed by a doctor. The woman alleged that she was negligent against the driver at fault. The plaintiff claimed she had did not properly operate her vehicle. The jury returned a $195,000 decision.
  • 2021 Georgia 200,000,000 Dollar Verdict. A 7-year-old boy attended a reunion with his family. The family members rented a skiing boat. It was operated by the boy’s great uncle. the boat. The boy and his family were seated in the boat’s sitting space. Bow flooding occurred. The boat then submerged. The boy was swept away. The great uncle of the boy could not be able to see his son. The boat was put backwards to stop the boat from sinking. The propellor hit the boy. The child died due to the injury. The parents of the boy alleged negligentness against the manufacturer of the boat. They claimed the manufacturer created the product with a defect and then failed to notify the public of the flaw. The jury decided to award $200 million.
  • 2021 Georgia $6,000,000 Verdict. A 46-year-old man was hurt at a vehicle auction. The man suffered multiple hip injuries. He underwent three hip surgeries. Also, he received cortisone injections. The patient was experiencing difficulties in walking for a long time. He resigned as mechanic. The mechanic alleged negligence on behalf of the driver who was at fault. The man also filed an unintentional liability claim against the auction’s owner. The jury awarded him $6 million.
  • 2021 Georgia $250,000 Verdict. A woman was riding the MARTA bus. The driver abruptly slowed down in order to prevent rear-ending another vehicle. The force of the collision tossed the lady off her seat. The woman fell to the ground. She was injured in the head, ribs the right wrist and right knee injury. She claimed negligence from MARTA. She claimed that the driver was negligently tailgated and failed to keep an adequate lookout, as well as failed to operate safely the bus. The verdict was $250,000.
  • 2021, Georgia: $3,000,000 Verdict. A 43-year-old woman underwent an outpatient laparoscopy. Following the procedure she was afflicted with intense abdominal discomfort. The patient was taken for treatment in the ER. The surgeon that performed the laparoscopy performed a thorough examination of her. Within two hours the patient was discharged. The woman died of sepsis a few days later. The family of the woman’s deceased accused incompetence against the hospital. The hospital’s staff was accused of failing to fix and treat an intestine perforation. The jury awarded the plaintiff $3,000,000.
  • 2020 Georgia $65k Verdict. A woman was hit by the red light. The victim suffered from cervical disc herniation as well as L4-5 arthropathy, left-hand tears as well as an injured right knee, as well as a previous back injury. She alleged that she was negligent against the driver at fault. She said he was negligent in failing to slow down or maintain the proper level of observation. The jury awarded her $65,000.
  • 2020 Georgia $ 1,051,800 verdict. A woman was hit in the rear near an exit ramp. She sustained neck, head as well as back injury. She had cervical surgery. The patient alleged negligence to the person at fault. She claimed that she slowed down for her and was unable to slow down. The lady was awarded $1,051,800.
  • 2019 Georgia 250,000 USD Verdict. A 70-something woman had an operation called a surgery called a thoracoscopy. The surgeon injured her vocal cords while intubating. The woman died six weeks later. The family of the deceased alleged negligence by the surgeon. They claimed that the surgeon failed to adequately examine her airways, and to intubate her. The jury handed down $2,350,000.
  • 2019 Georgia $100,000 Verdict. A woman was hit by the red light. The woman was injured in her right shoulder as well as her right arm as well as her neck. She alleged negligence on behalf of the driver at fault. The woman claimed she was tailgating and did not ensure that she was in a safe place to watch. The jury awarded $100,000.
  • 2019 Georgia $ 229,461 verdict. A woman was hit in the rear by a car. The victim suffered numerous neck injury. She alleged negligence on behalf of the driver at fault. The woman claimed that the driver allegedly slowed her down and did not stop in time. The jury awarded $229,461.