RESTAURANTS: Pierre, Tammy L — (1) count of accidents involving personal injury that is not a cause of the accident Involved in a Car Accident – Franklin County | CRIMEWATCH PA

The day was 05/13/2022. CPD officers were sent at the junction between S. Fourth Street and E. Queen Street for an accident involving pedestrians. A 911 caller informed the dispatcher that a woman who was crossing the street using wheelchair was struck by a female driving in a Yellow SUV. The vehicle left the scene and headed Eastbound along E. Queen Street. Police officers from Chambersburg Police and the Chambersburg Police and the Chambersburg Fire department came to the scene quickly and took the injured victim into the Chambersburg Hospital. Chambersburg Police officers on scene started interviewing witnesses, while others began reviewing footage recorded by the new Borough’s intersection camera system.

The camera could be able to prove that the vehicle in question was driving through the intersection under an unstoppable red light, and the driver didn’t properly verify pedestrian and vehicle traffic prior to entering the intersection.

Police were able to identify the car as the yellow Chevy Tracker, and tracked it through town with cameras. The vehicle was later found, empty and uninhabitable near an intersection at W. Loudon Street and Sollenberger Rd. The registration confirmed that the vehicle was owned by the name of Tammy Pierre, whose physical features were in line with those reported by witnesses present at the scene of the crash.

The officers were able to locate Pierre at her home and were able interview her regarding the incident. Pierre acknowledged that she was responsible for the operation for the white Chevy Tracker that struck the victim on the crossroads.

Pierre was then accused of six infractions to the Pennsylvania automobile code.

Chambersburg Police Chambersburg Police would like to acknowledge all of the Chambersburg State Police and the Franklin Co. Sheriff’s Office for their support during this situation.