Where to Get Free Online CLE Credits

If you’re like many lawyers, you’ve had to wait till the very last moment to make sure you’ve got all the credits required to complete Minimum Continuous Legal Education (MCLE) or continuing Legal Education (CLE). Maybe you’re the kind to schedule a couple of credits each months (no need to boast) however you’d like to steer clear of the high cost associated with a lot of CLEs. If you’re seeking the most recent innovations in family law, estate planning or something that is a bit more specific, staying current with credits is a crucial aspect of the legal field.

Thanks to the incredible online learning platform that is the internet, you’ll most likely get the majority of the credits you require at least some of them, lying on your sofa in your pajamas munching on cereal.

Below, there are a couple of resources that will help you pass the CLEs at no cost online.

You’re Local Attorney General’s Office

Contact the office of the attorney general’s in your state and find out the possibility of hosting CLE programs. For instance, the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office for instance, offers live CLE webinars, and also maintains the list of online courses that can be used to students for CLE credits. They often hold CLEs regarding recent developments in criminal law as well as consumer protection and constitutional concerns.

If you are employed by an attorney general’s office courses offered through the National Association of Attorneys General can count towards the CLE requirements.

The Employer

If you are employed in a place make sure you check with your employer the extent to which they provide CLE programs or would like to cover costs associated with the maintenance of your license. If you’re employed at the law firm of your choice or a law firm, they may pay the employees of their firm to go to the CLE relevant to your field of practice. If you are employed by a company such as Thomson Reuters (like we do at FindLaw! ) There could be sufficient “recovering lawyers” employed to host CLEs.

Law Libraries

Numerous states and counties’ law libraries host live webinars as well as on-demand classes. Law Library Association of Greater New York Law Library Association of Greater New York has in its calendar the upcoming educational programs, such as CLEs.

Aren’t librarians just the best?

The Practising Law Institute

It’s worth it. Practising Law Institute (yes, practicing using an “s”) could be one of the best sources for no cost CLE credits. It’s difficult to navigate but If you’re able to put up with non-user-friendly search engines, you will typically find courses that offer many CLE credits simultaneously particularly in the fields of cybersecurity and intellectual property.

Eliminating all courses that are priced at actual cost isn’t feasible, however when you conduct a lookup for “on-demand” courses by using “free” as the phrase, you’re certain to come across a few. Be sure to ensure that it is eligible for credit within your particular state prior to launching online CLE. You can also use filters to assist you in locating the difficult “elimination of bias” credits.

Associations for Bar Associations

The American Bar Association (ABA) and the state bar associations can be excellent source of CLE programmes. The CLEs they offer aren’t exactly “free,” as they need membership to access them. However, if you’re an active member, make sure to browse the catalogs of their members.

A few volunteer-run organizations may provide CLEs for free on demand however, you’ll need search further. It’s the same for the law school you attended as your institution, which could have streaming live of CLE programs or online-only CLEs. Also, if you stumble upon an interesting program however, don’t forget that there are some CLEs can be worth the cost.

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