Reminder: Helping Inmates Escape Is Against the Law

It’s not easy to find love. It’s especially difficult when the one who shares your love is in prison. In recent news reports, it is possible to forget about a person’s mistakes (including criminal records) to create a romantic story which is likely to not be able to end with “happily forever following.”

Do not forget that you are your feelings of being emotionally unresponsive. Sites that allow dating must include an option to indicate “physically inaccessible due to imprisonment” in order to make clear the fact that your fairy tale could depend on a prison break which could result in the criminal prosecution of your own.

The Bonnie and Clyde Phenomenon

In the past few weeks, the media have covered extensively this Alabama corrections officer who assisted her prisoner boyfriend escape the jail in which she was employed. Unfortunately, on the 9th of May the love story between them was tragically ended.

Vicky White was working as an assistant corrections director of the Lauderdale County Detention Center when she assisted in the arrest of Casey White (the two are not connected) who was a suspect in murder being held in jail for other crime. The couple was able to evade authorities for 11 days , before their relationship came to an end after a chase and accident. Vicky White died from a self-inflicted gunshot. Casey White was arrested.

Following this story of loss and love the news spread across neighboring Louisiana regarding Victoria Tune, the 21-year-old security guard who assisted three prisoners escape their prison in the Ware Youth Juvenile Detention Center in which she was employed. The trio of youths were detained because of violent convictions for felony. Tune transported the youths to the hotel located in Houston and they were arrested.

There are many questions about how Tune was able to help the kids escape and if she was romantically connected to one of the teens. According to the Twitter account, Tune may have helped those who were escaping to escape her lover.

Facilitating and facilitating escape

In the event that Vicky White had survived, she’d have been facing charges for allowing and aiding escape within the initial level.

In Alabama for the purpose of establishing permitting and encouraging escape, the prosecutor will need to establish that Vicky White is a corrections facility worker who deliberately or recklessly attempted assist in the escape from a corrections institution of an individual who was arrested, accused of or found guilty of committing a criminal offense.

Investigators continue to discover evidence of Vicky’s elaborate planning for her escape.

Unfortunately, she died of her life in the manner of an modern-day Juliet. If she had been tried, she’d have been found guilty and sentenced at the very least one year in jail. Casey White declined to be her Romeo and then surrendered.

Accessory for Simple Escape

Prosecutors have charged Tune by bringing three cases of accessory for easy escape. In Louisiana it is commonplace for a simple escape to occur whenever a prisoner to a prison facility leaves without putting at risk any other person. To establish that Tune had acted as an accomplice prosecutor must show that:

  • Aided or harbored youngsters while knowing or thinking that they had committed felonies
  • It is designed to aid the young people to avoid or escape punishment (i.e. the incarceration in the detention center)

A Texas judge refused bail to Tune who was transferred back to Louisiana to stand trial.

What is the reason? Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys?

Friends and family members who knew Vicky White and Tune expressed shock at the revelation about their deeds. Vicky White’s boss Sheriff Rick Singleton, said that “this isn’t an image of the Vicky White we know.” Tune’s mom has admitted in an interview on YouTube that “this isn’t something that she’d normally do.”

What is the reason they did that? It is possible that they have a mental problem that is known as “hybristophilia,” used to refer to a sexually attractive person by someone, and they then commit crime.

For Tune as well as the other Bonnie who is seeking the Clyde Hybristophilia isn’t to be a viable defense option in the event that you’re accused of aiding violent criminals in escaping from prison.

If you’re still searching for the right person to love you, stay safe and continue to swipe on Tinder. If you find your perfect match to be in jail put off your escape plan as there is always the chance to meet again after locking yourself up.

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