Top 3 immigration issues for New Yorkers:

The impact of immigration is huge in New York life particularly in New York City. It is a significant trade and financial center, immigrants play a significant role in shaping the city and the people. There are several important issues to be aware of in navigating the immigration laws for New York:

Migration In Global Stifle

The last couple of months, the conflict in Ukraine has brought refugees from Eastern Europe at an unprecedented number since the conflicts of the early 1900s. Asylum is granted for those who prove they are able to prove that they fear persecutors if ordered to return to the the country where they have nationality. Persecution must occur on due to political views and/or race, religion or the nationality of the person, or membership in one particular social group. Ukrainians seeking refuge from war or Russians who are scared of being punished by the Kremlin because of their opinions about the war can be eligible for refugee or asylum status.

The COVID Pandemic has also impacted New York significantly. The mandate to wear masks and vaccinations was prevalent during the early days of the epidemic. But the Constitution demands that these mandates be applicable to all people, not only people who were immigrants.

Prejudice and Discrimination

The discrimination against immigrants has increased over the past few years. Legal protections offered at the federal level that protect against these kinds of discrimination tend to be against discrimination in general. As an example it is true that the Civil Rights Act doesn’t explicitly cover immigrants, however many categories of protection may include citizenship status too. It’s usually illegal to a public entity or private company to discriminate against someone on the basis of religion, race or ethnicity. It is also not permitted to discriminate on the basis of national of origin. It’s also illegal for any government or company to discriminate against someone due on the accent they speak or the languages they use.

You should consider speaking with an attorney who specializes in civil rights, If you’re being targeted for discrimination due to your accent or your country of origin. from.

Child Custody

New York family courts determine custody according to the interests of the child. Family law judges have complete power to determine whether parents are entitled to sole custody or joint custody or whether the child’s non-parent should be given custody. But, immigration can affect the outcomes of custody disputes because immigration status could determine whether a parent will be able to ensure a safe and stable environment for children or pull off the custody of the courts. Family lawyers can assist you to you fight for the custody rights for your kid (ren).

Do I need to hire a New York Immigration Attorney?

If you need assistance in anything related to immigration, like the application for a visa or green-card application it’s vital to consult an immigration lawyer. It is a complicated area of law and there are many deadlines to be adhered to. An experienced attorney will help you navigate these obstacles to ensure the best possible result for your family.