What Medical Illustrations can do for the Personal Injury Lawsuit of yours Northern Virginia Injury Law …

Personal injury cases are incredibly complex. In the event that you are injured in an accident involving a motorcycle, truck bicycle, auto incident, or by a defective product, or even at workplace, the lasting impact of such accidents could change your life forever.

A seasoned personal injury lawyer utilizes tried and true courtroom techniques to secure the settlement the clients should receive and are legally entitled to. A crucial aspect in Virginia personal injury lawsuits is the use of medical illustration for difficult subjects and testimonies. They’re crucial to make sure that the jury is aware of the physical injury suffered by the plaintiff or suffering, and their struggles or are likely to have to face in the near future, as well as how the injury has affected the family and their lives.

Eyewitness testimony and evidence are the most important factors in influencing the jury’s verdict, how the subtle aspects of the case are presented will have a significant impact on the jury’s verdict as well as its award. Illustrations and other aids from medical professionals can be used to demonstrate:

  • What caused you to be hurt

  • Resulting injuries

  • The operation of surgery and any other which may be required

  • What’s the harm or hardware issues a party has to live with

  • Future risks and complications

Most jurors do not possess the knowledge or experience to comprehend medical expert testimony. But, experts in the field of medicine are crucial witnesses as they can prove the severity and severity of an accident. If done correctly Medical illustrations can be extremely effective when it comes to personal injury claims and, when done properly they can be accepted as evidence. Because humans are visual learners using medical illustration helps jurors to comprehend the information presented, and also recall specifics when it comes the time to consider their verdicts.

Although medical imaging, such as X-rays may show the damage of a personal injury case however, medical images are more comprehensible and help jurors to comprehend the extent of the injury. Medical illustrations simplify the images of otherwise complex or confusing pictures that emphasize the physical damage to the jury. The process can be achieved with the help of animations that show how a portion of your body responds to injury, by looking at close-ups of how healthy a person’s scan will look like compared to that of the plaintiff injured and much more.

Drawings, videos illustrations, 3D models, photos animations and drawings are all examples of medical illustration. Making use of these instruments assures that the evidence of medical professionals isn’t solely based on complicated medical terminology or procedures jurors are unable to remember or may find difficult to comprehend. Instead of trying to recall the words, jurors will recall what surgical and medical injuries looked as. Jurors can recall the severity of the injuries visually.

We recently were involved in a case that involved a client who suffered an undisputed broken radius as a result of an accident in which he was involved. The question to be decided by the jury concerned whether the fracture resulted in a tear to the ligament of the client’s Scaphoid and resulted in a long-term damage. We provided the illustration of a medical doctor following to the jury:

The medical expert at our disposal explained it was the fracture that caused tears, and the expert for the defendant testified that the tear preexisted. This illustration was put in evidence and the jury was then able to examine this during the course of deliberations.

Client’s Injuries
Healthy Wrist

Based on the above medical illustration of the injuries sustained by our client, it’s clear to see that the fracture line extend right into the ligament between the Scaphoid and the Lung. Medical experts attested that the force from the crash resulted in fractured radius. He also said this energy was absorbed by the ligament of the Scaphoid-Lunate, causing tears. Without these illustrations from a medical professional It is nearly impossible to assume that a jury will be able to comprehend the mechanism by which the ligament injury took place and also to appreciate the medical information our expert offered. In this instance it was possible for the jury to observe the energy transfer that was caused by the crash, and also see the break line that runs straight through the ligament. This was crucial in proving the opinion of the defense medical expert that the tear was caused by the accident and the jury swiftly returned an extremely favorable verdict to our client.

What is the influence on jurors when it comes to Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Numerous studies have been carried out to study how human and cognitive aspects affect juror making. It has been established that jurors are prone to reach an outcome before all of the evidence has been given. As evidence and experts are crucial in personal injury litigation using medical examples can help strengthen the credibility of their evidence, increase credibility and influence the jury to choose either party. This is especially important because plaintiffs argue their case first, and are able to convince jurors before defense has even presented its case.

Stories are also an effective method to convince jurors. In conjunction with photos and illustrations of medical professionals it is possible to tell the story visually. Jurors can view videos and images to support the facts of the trial and also the emotion generated by their comprehension of things that happened. It is a powerful way to build a personal injury lawsuit.

Trials are often lengthy and keeping the attention of jurors isn’t easy. Due to this, trials must be presented in an captivating and engaging manner. The skilled Virginia personal injury lawyers of Curcio Law use various tools and tactics that influence jurors’ decisions. We understand how powerful visual evidence can be. We employ medical illustration and other aids in the event that they are needed, in order to back up the testimony of experts and to strengthen cases. If you’ve sustained any personal injuries, you can call or message Curcio Law at 703-836-3366, or email info@curciolaw.com and/or contact us through our website for a complimentary consultation.