Can We Now Agree on More Restrictions on Gun Ownership?

Another school shooting that was horrifically mass. This is the second time at Robb Elementary School was in Uvalde, Texas. Two teachers and 19 students were committed murder. Instead of praising their children for their excellent scores, parents spent their nights in hospital waiting to find out whether their kids would make it through.

Parents also grieved.

Many Americans naturally ask themselves if additional limitations on the ownership of guns would have stopped this tragic event. We won’t be able to answer that question. There is broad support from both sides that we should attempt to do some thing. In contrast to the beliefs of certain people, the Constitution doesn’t prohibit this attempt.

Gun ownership is widespread in the U.S.

Gun ownership is deeply embedded within our culture. Within the U.S., there are many more firearms than human beings and estimates put the total quantity of firearms as high as 400 million. Based on a new Pew Research poll, about 40 percent of the population lives in homes that has a firearm as well as around 30 percent possess at most one. They cite the primary reason as Security for their own personal lives.

In the meantime, many people see shootings as a cause for concern. A majority of Americans think it’s “a huge problem” the way we live in the present, while slightly more than half of them favor tighter firearm laws. This was prior to the increase in mass shootings.

Americans generally agree with certain restrictions on guns

In spite of the divisions in U.S. politics, there an agreement among Americans that some firearm restrictions are acceptable. As an example, the majority of people who participate in polls support background checks on guns bought in private or at gun shows. They believe that people who are mentally impaired should be kept from purchasing firearms.

Americans are not happy with the restraints.

The other restrictions proposed will face a lot of opposition from the left. Many Democrats are in favor of assault weapon bans as well as bans on magazines that are high capacity as well as the establishment of a national gun sales database. But the vast majority of Republicans do not.

In contrast, the majority Republicans are in favor of the use of the concealed carry of more people including allowing teachers as well as school administrators to carry firearms in K-12 schools. However, the majority of Democrats do not. But the frequent mass shootings that we’ve recently endured are certain to make an impact on policy-making.

What is The Second Amendment?

A few gun rights advocates argue their position that Second Amendment prohibits virtually all gun restrictions. The amendment reads, “A well regulated Militia as a necessity for the safety of a sovereign State The right of citizens to own and carry weapons, must not be violated.”

The wording “shall not be violated” is where the problem lies.

However, as a matter of law it shouldn’t be used literally. In 2008 it was suggested that the Supreme Court suggested as much in the case that was a landmark District of Columbia v. Heller. The case concerned a particular policeman that wanted to carry a gun for defense at home. While the court ruled that every person can own guns, it did not invalidate any law that impose reasonable limits on this right. Nearly every state currently has at minimum, or at the very least, widely-accepted limitations on firearm ownership (conceal permit for carry, as an example.).

Some states have gone further in comparison to other states. In the case of New York, New York is one of seven states which imposes the ability to carry a firearm concealed within public spaces on the basis of working in a way that can make one an easy victim (e.g. judges, for instance) or having the proper reason for doing so or the need is specific to that specific person.

An advocacy group for firearms has fought New York’s laws in court. The Supreme Court is expected to decide on the matter on June 20, 2022. The court could decide that the state isn’t able to limit gun access based upon a demonstration of a special need, yet it will still enforce the fundamental principle that underlies the requirement to carry concealed. It will be interesting to examine.

What time will we see more Restriction of Guns?

Experts will be discussing on the root of the calamity in Robb Elementary. We won’t know for sure the thoughts that were running through the shooter’s head the same way we might not know the horror that resides within the souls of the dead.

What is certain is that the issue of gun control has taken over the top spot on the nation’s agenda. While we conduct justifiable and necessary soul-searching lawmakers may have to consider, like many Americans already do, that something to do is better than doing nothing.

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