Louisiana Legal Firms for Personal Injury Sanctions Reaffirmed in the Conflict Row Conflict Row Bloomberg Law

A firm that specializes in personal injury located in Louisiana has convinced that a state appeals court confirm $7,500 in sanctions as well as attorneys’ fees as part of with a lawsuit that involved the firm being accused of being in conflict of interests.

The rental equipment firm Ahern Rentals Inc. filed a lawsuit against its former employees, such as Scott Helms and Chadd Turnage accusing them of stealing confidential information when they were hired by the company’s rival, EquipmentShare.com Inc. Helms and Turnage were hired back at Ahern after being fired at EquipmentShare as well as Ahern requested disqualification of the former counsel of Veron Bice Palermo & Wilson LLC to represent those remaining.

Veron was against disqualification and demanded sanctions. He questioned why Ahern did not remove its employees in the course of action as well as raising questions about the confidentiality of methods when litigating. The trial court denied the request for disqualification and approved the sanction request for $7,500 for costs and fees.

The Court of Appeal of Louisiana, Third Circuit, affirmed this decision Wednesday. The appellate court ruled that the evidence had been sufficient to justify the trial court’s decision that Ahern delayed the decision to dismiss Helms as well as Turnage as defendants as a way to gather information on EquipmentShare’s plan of action.

“There are indications that the motion in this matter was filed to create unnecessary delays and was a misuse of procedure,” Judge Elizabeth A. Pickett stated in her decision. “Further We conclude that the decision to award $7,500.00 for court expenses and attorney’s fees does not constitute an overreach of discretion.”

J. Michael Veron told Bloomberg Law on Thursday that Bloomberg Law is “happy about the decision,” but declined to make any further comments.

Helms and Turnage are represented by DeRosier Law Firm LLC. Veron owns the representation.

The judges Kent Savoie and Van H. Kyzar were also part of the ruling.

The decision refers to Ahern Rentals Inc. v. Green, La. Ct. App., 3d Cir., No. 21-767, 5/25/22.