Real or Reality Show? What Makes a Marriage Legal?

If Kourtney Kardashian tied the knot with Travis Barker at a Santa Barbara courthouse on May 20, 2022, the wedding was the first time in. The ceremony was secret. Kardashian who was the main character in the popular reality television program “Keeping The Kardashians,” wed Barker well-known for his work as Blink-182’s drummer.

Didn’t they get getting married in Italy the weekend before? Wasn’t there a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas last month?

Following the last Grammy Awards, Kardashian and Barker had a wedding ceremony in The One Love Wedding Chapel. However, even though the ceremony was officiated by an Elvis impersonator, the ceremony was not legally legal due to the lack of a marriage certificate. Although they had legally wed in California but they had an event in Italy.

An official marriage requires an official marriage certificate and ceremony. In the first place, you need to obtain a marriage certificate within your state. You can do this by filling out the application form at the local clerk’s office. There are specific rules in your state for granting a marriage certificate.

Standard Requirements for Marriage License

  • Age Many states have a minimum age generally 18 for marriage. There are some certain exceptions for minors that have parents’ consent.
  • Marital Status It is your right to wed, which implies that you’re divorced legally (not legally divorced).
  • Capacity You’re of “sound mental state,” meaning you have the mental capability to grasp the things you’re doing. Anyone with drinking or dementia may not fulfill this criteria.
  • Consanguinity and blood testsCertain states have consanguinity law, which is a fancy term meaning being related to blood. These laws prohibit family members from getting married. Most states don’t have to conduct blood tests before issuing an official marriage license.
  • Waiting Time Certain states require an one-to-five-day wait between getting the marriage certificate and conducting the wedding ceremony. A state can lift this restriction in the event of a valid reason for example, the military’s deployment.

In addition, you need to conduct the ceremony of marriage. Contrary to what many in the bridal industry claims, you are allowed to hold a small wedding ceremony with two essential aspects: an officiant and witnesses.

The requirements for marriage Ceremony

  • Recognized officiant ceremonies can be both civil and religious. The clergy, such as a minister, priest or rabbi conducts a religious ceremony. A county clerk, judge magistrate, judge, or justice of peace conducts an unofficial ceremony. Certain states permit ordinary citizens to be ordained as minister. Some states, like Florida the notary public may officiate in the wedding ceremony.
  • Witnesses Most states require at least two persons to be witnesses at the wedding ceremony and also be able to sign the marriage certificate.

Following the ceremony, either you or an officiant registers the document at the county. In the end, the county will issue an official marriage certificate. This is which is proof of the legal wedding.

Property Rights

The legality of marriage grants certain property rights to couples. As an example, California is a community property state. Thus, California treats any assets or money accumulated through the marriage as jointly owned.

If there is a divorce, death and annulment of marriage, the government divides marital estate 50-50. It is likely that the stars have negotiated a prenuptial contract prior to the ceremony, laying out the terms of their property distribution agreements in the event of a divorce.


If you are a legally married couple You can be eligible for the benefits of a spouse, such as Social Security benefits. You can also you can receive benefits through the employer of your spouse pension plan, pension or benefits from the military.

Inheritance Rights

If you are married as a married person, you have the right to the “intestate part” in the spouse’s estate. If your spouse does not leave you anything by way of a will then your intestate share is one-third up to one-half your spouse’s estate.

Common-Law Marriage

Certain states allow the common law marriage, wherein couples claim as being legally married. In other words, they behave as married couples living together, have the same name as their spouse as well as refer to one another in the form of the “spouse,” and hold the property and assets jointly. If in those states, couples can show that they have met the standard legal requirements, then the state acknowledges their marriage as legal.

Civil Unions

Prior to the landmark 2015 Supreme Court decision in Obergefell Hodges, the landmark Supreme Court decision in Obergefell Hodges that legalized same-sex marriages and allowing couples to form civil unions. States have recognized civil unions as valid for couples who are same-sex to share benefits with each other. But, they don’t confer benefits under federal law and aren’t accepted in every state.

In conclusion

A marriage is an extremely serious relationship which has legal consequences. A family lawyer law can assist couples in negotiating wedding agreements, prenuptial agreements as well as divorce.

Is the Kardashian-Barker wedding actually real? In accordance with California law, it’s. However, whether this is an unintentional publicity stunt for Kardashian is still a mystery.

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