Farmers Sue Over NYC’s Impending Foie Gras Ban

New York is scheduled to be the first city within the U.S. to ban foie gras from restaurant menus later in the year. The two Hudson Valley duck farmers who claim to be the source of “virtually all foie gras” within the U.S., however, do not have the same ideas.

If you’re in need of a refresher it is foie gras, the most expensive of mousses which is made by the gras-filled livers of ducks as well as geese. The buttery, rich taste is a favorite among gourmands however, it’s as well controversial due to the way it is employed to produce it is feeding the birds by force using the funnel, also called gavage. gavage. Animal rights organizations, along with others are arguing that this method is cruel.

In the year 2019 The New York City Council agreed with the opposition and decided in a majority vote to stop restaurants in the city from offering foie gras from the month of November.

Two large Hudson Valley producers, however they have recently filed a suit trying to stop the prohibition. Hudson Valley Foie Gras and La Belle Farm say the ban will be a huge economic loss for their businesses and make them unprofitable in the event that the law takes force.

Farmers argue that gavage isn’t cruel and they claim that it is based upon the bird’s tendency to consume their bodies before escaping. The main argument concerns the question of whether the city is in possession of the ability to impose an order to banning. They argue that the city has abused its legal rights “by exaggerating its regulations and policy-making beyond city limits.” The city also claims that the law is inconsistent with state and federal laws that permit the selling for foie gras.

They be able to make a convincing argument and could draw the conclusion that they have reached that was made by officials of the State’s Department of Agriculture and Markets. In their complaint, they refer to this decision that was made in the past two years, where the agency stated that the ban could “directly and unreasonablely restrict” farmers’ activities “in breach of state laws.”

In this moment, it’s crucial to note it is important to note that New York City would not be the first city in history to restrict the selling of foie gras from restaurants. Chicago is the city that was first in the United States to ban foie gras in the year the year 2006 and it didn’t go as planned in Chicago. Windy City, which withstood criticism that it appeared to be intruding and obnoxious. Restaurants pushed the city council to remove the ban just two years later because they were tired of hearing their city slammed. Late TV host Anthony Bourdain, for instance stated that the ban had made Chicago appear as “some ridiculous city made of cows.”

Times have changed.

Will the same fate befall New York?

It’s a bit difficult to define.

The times have changed after Chicago lifted their ban in the year 2008. California has banned foie gras since 2012, and despite numerous legal challenges the ban continues to be in place. Over twelve European nations have banned any production or consumption of foie gras however, many allow the importation.

There have triumphs in the favor of supporters of foie gras. For example The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that, while the state of California has banned selling foie gras within the state could continue, Californians are able to currently import foie gras. In February there was a moment when the European Parliament appeared to take an abrupt turn away from its previous position in favor of the complete ban of gavage but has now concluded that gavage is okay if it’s “based on practices in the farming industry which respect the welfare of animals.”

Chefs from New York, for their part believe that the ban on food will never happen. “We’re developing a brand new menu , and we’re hoping to put foie gras as a main ingredient the same way we’ve always had,” said Marco Moreira who is executive chef and the owner of the French eatery Tocqueville. “We’re not going to slow down in anytime soon, for certain.”

The memories of Super-Sizing

Partly, they’re betting that the general public as well as the courts will not like it that the government is making decision-making for them.

The same thing has happened in the past, such as in Chicago.

Do you remember the then NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s idea to stop “super-size” drinks back to 2012? If yes, then you may also recall that the plan didn’t stick for long. In 2014, the state judges of the appellate courts Eugene F, Pigott Jr. put the last nail in the coffin of this case by stating that it was the responsibility of the local Board of Health “exceeded the boundaries of its powers to regulate” when it ratified the plan.

If foie gras is served, can the past be repeating itself?

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Foie gras is an exquisite delicacy people who love it will pay a lot of sums of money for. However, critics say that the method used to make the dish made from goose and duck livers is cruel. New York City aims to eliminate foie gras in its establishments. Do you think that’s a good idea?

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