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Four Most Common Immigration Issues to Arizona

Since it is a border state immigration has had a profound impact on Arizona’s past as well as its present and is likely to be influencing the state’s future. Below are some common concerns to be aware of regarding immigration law within Arizona, Grand Canyon state:

Migration Following an Global Pandemic

Title 42 of the United States Code authorizes that the government of the United States to expel those who come from or who have visited a nation in which a disease that is communicable was prevalent. In the COVID outbreak, Title 42 was used to snare people who were suspected of entering the southern border in a way that was illegal. The 1st of April, 2022 The CDC has officially repealed Title 42, but the decision was put off by a federal court in the midst of the outcome of a suit filed by Arizona as well as other states. It is advisable to consult with an attorney in the event that you’re at risk of deportation in accordance with Title 42.

Green Card Renewals

In light of the COVID spread, there might be an overflow of renewals for green cards and citizenship applications for Arizona which could be several years old yet are still in the process. Green cards are required for temporary entry into in the United States, whether it be for work, family as well as asylum seekers status. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services processes green card renewals, as well as other forms of immigration documentation. In the United States restricts the number of green cards which can be issued for each category. So, those who are planning to migrate from United States United States should consult with an immigration lawyer before making an application for green card.

Child Custody Arizona Arizona

Parents’ rights for the biological parent are not diminished because a parent is an immigration. Family judge in Arizona can decide the custody legal or physical of the child. They also assume that parents share custody of the child unless facts indicate that they are not. But, immigration can affect the outcomes in a custody battle in that immigration status can determine whether a parent will be able to offer a safe and stable place to the child, or even take off the custody of the courts. Family lawyers can assist you to get custody of your child.

Discrimination against immigrants in Arizona

The discrimination against immigrants reached its peak just a couple of years ago, in the year Arizona approved the “Support our law enforcement and safe neighborhoods Act” commonly referred to informally as Arizona Senate Bill 1070. It created a state-wide misdemeanor violation for an illegal immigrant to enter Arizona with no documents. The law also mandated for state law enforcement to try to determine the person’s immigration status at the time of an “lawful arrest, detention, or detention” where there’s a an indication that there is a reasonable chance that the person is an illegal immigrants.

In June 2012 In June 2012, in June 2012, the United States Supreme Court overturned the previous provision that made it a criminal offense for anyone who is immigrants not to have the necessary documents, but maintained the ruling that state law enforcement can investigate the immigration status of a person based on the basis of reasonable suspicion.

But, the Civil Rights Act continues to ensure that discrimination is not in the context of race, or nationality, even though it does not explicitly guarantee immigration status. It’s also illegal for any government or company to discriminate against a person due to their accent or language spoken. You should consult an attorney who specializes in civil rights, to determine if you’re subject to discrimination by reason of your accent, or where you’re from.

Do I need an Arizona Immigration Lawyer?

If you require help in the immigration laws or issues related to immigration in Arizona It is crucial to speak with an immigration lawyer. Laws regarding immigration change constantly and require a streamlined understanding in order to effectively navigate. An experienced attorney will help you get through these hurdles in order to achieve the most effective outcome for your family as well as you.