Is Crashing Your Ex's Wedding Illegal?

Is Crashing Your Ex’s Wedding Illegal?

There’s been movies in which a person storms into a church wedding in the last second hoping to stop the person they love from getting married to the “wrong” couple.

The expression “speak now or for ever hold your peace” has been used for a long time as a element of weddings in the traditional manner and was originally legal way to provide those who are interested the opportunity to contest the validity of marriage in the Medieval Age.

What does this chance to lay out the reasons why couples cannot be married for a sacred marriage mean? If we’ve learned anything from the recent mishaps that involved Britney Spears’ former husband/wedding crasher It’s that going over the basic “I oppose” could result in a variety of allegations.

It’s Britney, B****

Spears is not a stranger to weddings. She got married in 2004. tied the knot with her dance partner, Kevin Federline, with an extravagant wedding with personalization (and embellished) Velour-covered jumpsuits. They divorced in 2007.

Prior to getting married Federline, Spears eloped with her former sweetheart Jason Alexander, in Las Vegas. The ceremony lasted only 55 hours , before being annulled.

Since the beginning, Alexander has been singing his own rendition of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” in interviews on his wish to be reunited with Spears and also claiming that their love was “stolen” from her parents. Alexander is also a vocal campaigner for the “#freebritney” campaign to support of ending her years-long conservatorship.

You’re not invited? There’s no Problem!

Did Alexander appear uninvited at Spears the third wedding of Spears on the same date as a way to reconnect with her pop star princess? This is what transpired.

Alexander was live-streaming himself via Instagram and then entered Spears the home of Spears in California which was where her wedding for the third time took place. The streamer was being heard telling his followers the fact that Spears is “my first wife and my sole wife.”

Alexander was able to get throughout the area and was involved in a physical confrontation with security. He was taken into custody from officers from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and transported to the local jail.

Even with Alexander’s help, Spears continued to get married to her beloved love of many years, Sam Asghari, and enjoyed the festivities with some of her most famous pals. Some of the guests at the wedding comprised Madonna, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, and Drew Barrymore.

Does the Wedding Crashing is a crime?

It is likely. Alexander was arrested for the crime of felony stalking. In California stalking can be defined as it is a pattern of deliberate and malicious conduct, not the case of a single incident. In order to establish stalking, the prosecutor must prove Alexander:

  • Inflicted a lot of harassment or violence Spears
  • The threat was made, resulting in Spears to worry about the safety of her family and friends

Before this incident, Alexander made numerous attempts to make contact with and be close to Spears. There is also a report that Alexander carried a knife with him when the home was entered by him.

Could Wedding Crashers be charged with other crimes?

Yes. In this particular case, Alexander has also been arrested for battery, misdemeanor as well as vandalism and trespassing. Alexander has denied guilt to the charges.

California is the state that defines battery as the use of force or violence against someone else. According to reports, Alexander became physically violent with two security guards that tried to hold him.

To allow Alexander to be considered guilty of vandalism the defendant had to cause intentional damage to the property of another person other than himself.

In California the state of California, knowingly accessing property belonging to someone other than the owner without permission is considered trespass. The video from Alexander’s Instagram livestream may be used as evidence of his intention to invade Spears’ wedding , by showing the venue with no invitation, and refusal to leave after being faced by the security.

Thus, although there’s the crime of “wedding crash,” there are a number of charges that you may face if show in a place you weren’t invited and are unable to go. Be aware of this while your beloved one gets ready for the ceremony.

A #FreeJasonAlexander Movement?

Unlikely. Spears has been granted a three-year protection order from Alexander. In California there is a penalty for violation of a protective order can be an maximum penalty of 1 year prison and/or a penalty of $1,000.00.

To his own benefit Let’s all hope that Alexander gets over it and stops performing “Oops I did it again” for the foreseeable future.

It’s not necessary to solve the problem on your own. Hire a Lawyer

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