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Personal injuries can cause various consequences, like medical expenses that are exorbitant and depression. Incapacity, depression as well as difficulties in sustaining employment while recovering after injuries.

If you’ve been injured by the negligence by a third-party like a person who is a business or an official body You may receive compensation which could help pay for the resulting economic as well as non-economic losses.

West Coast Trial Lawyers battle insurers every each day. They are known as fierce, firm personal injury lawyers that strive to get the highest amount of compensation for each client. They’ve represented many celebrities in Hollywood including Johnny Manziel, Carmen Electra, Anabelle Acosta, and numerous others.
Neama Rahmani was previously employed as the federal prosecutor with the United States Attorney’s Office and as the Enforcement Director of the Ethics Commission. Their skilled and tenacious litigators know how insurance companies function and are ready to fight their actions at all levels of the legal process. They are convinced that every person is entitled to justice, so they work tirelessly to ensure you get the financial settlement and support you need for recovery.

West Coast Trial Lawyers take delight in the fact they consistently deliver the results that their clients expect. Over ninety percent of their cases get solved without needing an appeal, but in the event that the case is taken to trial, their skilled litigators will be by your team. The firm’s award-winning legal team have over 100 years of experience and is able to prevail. They believe their history is a testament to their openness.