An Florida personal injury attorney owes his clients $396,000 has been, basically, barred - Tampa Bay Times

An Florida personal injury attorney owes his clients $396,000 has been, basically, barred – Tampa Bay Times

MIAMI -The Tallahassee personal injury lawyer who is suspended indefinitely for not releasing records from his trust accounts as an investigation by the Florida Bar investigated client grievances and decided to officially quit.

Legal firm Soto Injury’s Gus Soto, a 65-year-old admitted to the Bar in 1984, decided to give the bar his job by filing for disciplinary suspension without the right to apply for admission. Soto’s request, which was acknowledged by the State Supreme Court, also says that he’ll pay $396,931 as compensation to five clients who believe Soto took their settlement funds and responsibly used them.

According to the states the state Supreme Court states, “disciplinary suspension is equivalent to exclusion from the profession. ” Attorneys petition for procedure, whether with leave to apply again in five years or without permission to apply again after five years. Concerning professional discipline is concerned, the case pending in the discipline department disappears. Discipline revocation is not a factor in the criminal or civil matters that result from attorney’s decisions.

Soto was suspended by the state Supreme Court suspended Soto in May, following Bar subpoenas of documents starting January. 1, 2018 to the end of August. 31st, 2021 failed to provide “records of (Soto’s) Regions Bank trust account, closing statements the settlement agreement, ledgers of clients as well as documentation that demonstrates the location of balances remaining from client settlement funds.”

Seven grievances were made. Soto’s petition as well as the decision of the Supreme Court in the state’s approval of this application state that, in the next 60 days Soto is required to make $86,500.00 towards David Wofford; $20,000.00 to Tevin McCollough, on behalf of Velma Bickers’ estate. $146,189.63 towards James Surber; $137,875.00 to Daniel Hirsh; and $6,367.00 to William Nealy.

– – David J. Neal Miami Herald (TNS)