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Can You Be Arrested on a Cruise Ship at Sea

Can You Be Arrested on a Cruise Ship at Sea

Cruises can be a great opportunity to explore diverse cultures, and to relax with no needing to travel. As the old phrase goes: it’s all entertainment and fun until somebody is injured.

An altercation broke out at the Carnival cruise ship due to an unconfirmed threesome which one of the participants’ loved ones discovered and, obviously — dissatisfied. The fight lasted for an hour and involved approximately 60 individuals, and involved the move from the fifth to the first floor. On the second floor, an individual passenger was recording. Security staff are responsible as having de-escalated the fight. As the ship arrived at Manhattan, New York police were on board and took the necessary action.

Law and Regulations for Maritime Law

The location of the ship was when it happened, different authorities could be in the incident. It is because of the complexity of maritime law. It constitutes a collection of rules and regulations that govern maritime affairs.

The United Nations has several conventions which help us know how different countries must adhere to the law of maritime. In general, when on international waters, cruise ships is subject to the rules of the nation it’s registered to. If the ship goes sailing out of port, according to the captain’s discretion, the passengers could be detained in a room separate from the ship until your ship is able to be docked at the next port. Then, local law enforcement may get involved.

What would happen if the crime occurred within International Waters?

Legal procedures following the disembarkation of a vessel depend upon the state in which the offense took place. If the offence occurred in international waters, usually it is the jurisdiction of the nation that the cruise ship belongs to. If it happens within the port area or in the vicinity of 12 nautical miles from a nation’s shoreline, it is that country’s power to take action.

In our case, Carnival cruise ships are usually registered in Panama or the Bahamas. Bahamas or Panama this means that if our squad of fighters were to have launched the war on international waters, then they’d be bound by one of the Bahamian or Panamanian legislation. The company, however, is owned and managed by the United States, which is the place where the waters get complicated.

FBI Participation

The FBI is involved when the criminal or victim is an U.S. citizen, the incident is in U.S. waters, the vessel is owned by an U.S. company, or in the event that the ship is registered within the U.S. Their investigations will usually be conducted in conjunction with or with the assistance of local law enforcementagencies, based on the place they’ve got an international partnership and/or assistance.

If you are found guilty of the crime while within a port of Miami, Florida, then Miami police could an interest in the probe. But if you’re in the vicinity of 12 nautical miles from Miami and the FBI will likely have an interest in the case the next time you docked at a port, regardless of whether it was within New York or Panama, as well as being legally bound to U.S. laws, rather as Panamanian.

Also, international waters do not constitute a criminal safe haven. Be fun but also be mindful.