Edward Lemmo Esq. Ramps Up Services for Personal Legal Actions for Injury Fatality - EIN News

Edward Lemmo Esq. Ramps Up Services for Personal Legal Actions for Injury Fatality – EIN News

Edward Lemmo Esq. is able to receive fair compensation in litigation involving personal injury or wrongful deaths or medical negligence, as well as other types of damages.

Ed is professional , and accessible. He assisted my son as well as myself with an injury case. The level of service and sincere concern that the family received as a customer was exceptional.”

— Danielle Ogilvie

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES 18 July 2022 /EINPresswire.comAny person is prone to suffering an unexpected injury regardless of whether they are in the seat of the driver or the passenger or while walking along the street. Accidents that cause injuries such as trips, slips or falls, auto injuries, medical malpractices as well as construction site accidents could cause life-changing, severe injury. The loss of earnings, the extensive post-care and psychological trauma are just a handful of the issues that can arise from a personal injury. The pain and suffering of such injuries can be overwhelming. people who suffer from the effects from an accident should pursue an insurance claim or be compensated against the person who caused the injury. It’s crucial that the victim seek out an expert personal injury lawyer in order to obtain an appropriate claim in a fair and timely manner promptly. Manhattan personal injury lawyers from Edward Lemmo, Esq. aid their clients in getting an appropriate amount of compensation or settlement for personal law-related injuries as well as the psychological trauma that they cause. They also take on personal injury claims that lead to deaths or fatalities because of negligence or negligence.

“Ed is very professional and human. He assisted my son and me when we had there was an issue with a personal injury. The level of service and sincere concern that my family received as a customer was exceptional. I highly recommend Ed Lemmo for all who are in need of representation” Danielle Ogilvie

Unsafe practices or negligence at construction sites can lead to an unintentional slip and fall , that can cause serious injuries or even the death. In the same way, there could be the possibility of death by wrongful means as well as failure to identify and treat deadly diseases or other medical conditions and dog bites and many other incidents that need a comprehensive investigation into the cause as well as the nature of damage. There’s a good chance that insurance companies contacting the victim and offering to negotiate a short, frequently unfair, settlement, with the intention to minimize the amount paid out and to avoid legal complications to the insurer. A seasoned injury attorney from a law firm, like Edward Lemmo, Esq. will be able to effectively and efficiently assist the plaintiff negotiate so that they don’t get deceived or wrongly represented. A specialized personal lawyer step in could be the best way to ensure an efficient and fair legal settlement.

Controlling legal and medical bills could be an obstacle in the case of most serious personal injuries that require extensive treatment even after discharge in the hospital. Patients may not be covered by medical insurance that provides the rehabilitation process for months or care at home caregivers. The more skilled law firms make every effort in order to offer the best assistance for their clients in these circumstances. As an example, legal firms such as Edward Lemmo Esq. typically offer free consultations and don’t charge any costs if they fail to assist in guiding the verdict favour of the defendant.

About Edward Lemmo Esq.

The firm is owned and operated through Edward Lemmo, Edward Lemmo Esq. is a law office located in the Upper West side of Manhattan and specializing in legal representation for personal injury. Over 37 years of knowledge in the field of law, Edward Lemmo is a participant in the New York State Trial Lawyers and is highly ranked by rating companies for attorneys such as AVVO. The firm was awarded an honorary award in the category of Top Verdicts in 2011. Legal expert Edward Lemmo has secured thousands of dollars in settlements. Offering flexible and friendly solutions, Edward Lemmo is happy to meet with his clients at their home or hospitals for a timely discussion.

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