A personal injury law firm will begin operations this fall in Quincy The Quincy News - Muddy River News Muddy River News

A personal injury law firm will begin operations this fall in Quincy The Quincy News – Muddy River News Muddy River News

Daniel M. McCleery Photo courtesy McCleery Law PLLC

Quincy (Reuters) — Daniel M. McCleery of Quincy is announcing the creation of an attorney firm for personal injuries, McCleery Law PLLC, which will have its headquarters in Quincy and provide services to clients throughout Illinois, Missouri and Iowa.

McCleery stated in a statement to the press “I recognized a need within our local community to have a local personal injury attorney that can visit clients in person and pursue aggressive litigation, and help prepare cases to be tried. Some lawyers won’t perform that. Big city lawyers don’t understand our court system, and don’t have a stake in our local community.”

McCleery Law will open its offices in Quincy, Massachusetts on Vermont Street in downtown Quincy following the completion of renovations this autumn.

McCleery Law anticipates paying clients compensation and aiding them in their physical emotional and financial challenging situations. McCleery explained, “Most of the time my clients call me in need of help with huge medical bills, or navigating their the new limitations of their bodies or minds and adapting to their lives following an accident. I’m here for them to guide clients overcome these obstacles.”

McCleery Law is accepting clients who have been injured by motor vehicle accidents in addition to the injuries sustained by farmers, falling dogs bites and different types of personal injury cases.

McCleery is an Quincy local and was a student at Quincy High School. He earned his degree at Quincy High School, the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana as well as St. Louis University Law School. Following his move back into Quincy, McCleery has practiced law across Illinois, Missouri and Iowa. McCleery was prior to that an income partner at Schmeideskamp Robertson Neu and Mitchell LLP and was responsible for civil litigation in the insurance defense as well as personal injury instances.

McCleery explained, “My wife and I made the decision to establish this firm as helping people injured is the most satisfying and satisfying work that I’ve ever done in my career as an attorney. I’m looking forward to serving those in our community by providing that service.”

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