San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney Teresa Li Obtains $500,000 for Driver who was Sideswiped AccessWire

San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney Teresa Li Obtains $500,000 for Driver who was Sideswiped AccessWire

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ACCESSWIRE) / 27 July 2022Personal lawyer for injuries Teresa Li, founder of the Law Offices of Teresa Li, P.C., announced today that she was awarded the sum of $500,000 on behalf of a client who suffered a side-swiped injury.

As per court records Li’s client was a woman aged 54, suffered a concussion as well as annular tear in the cervical (neck) as well as her lumbar spine (lower back) discs due to being struck by a passenger as a driver erroneously changed lanes in the direction of Alma Street near the Caltrain station in Palo Alto, CA on July 17, 2018.

Li’s client was on his return journey after dropping her daughter off on the Caltrain station. Following the collision, Li’s client refused to go to an ambulance and went to the chiropractor at the same time to address her injuries. Afterward, she went in an ER to treat neck pain. The primary doctor who treated her identified her as suffering from neck strain as well as concussion. When the accident, Li’s patient was working as an administrative assistant and a real estate agent on a part-time basis. In the aftermath of her injuries her client was forced quit her real estate career and become a full-time administrative assistant in order to reduce her salary loss.

Both drivers and Li’s client are insured by Travelers Commercial Insurance Company. The 8th of January in 2020 Li’s client filed an action before Santa Clara Superior Court (Case #. 20CV361494). The court was settled at the policy limit in the amount of $100,000 on 20 July 20, 2020. The insurer of the other driver. The client of Li’s demanded arbitration from her own insurer over underinsured motorist insurance that carries a $140,000 policy limit.

Travelers challenged Li’s claim that she suffered a concussion as well as annular tears to her cervical and the lumbar spine discs. However, just two weeks prior to an arbitration hearing on the uninsured motorist’s claim Travelers presented the second limit on their policy of $400,000 on the 20th of July the 20th of July, 2022.

“I am happy that Travelers finally stepped in and fulfilled its contract obligation to compensate its insurance for personal injuries that she suffered. That’s what insurance is meant to do,” said Teresa Li.

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Teresa Li has recovered over 20 million for victims. She is a specialist on concussion/traumatic brain injury as well as other practice specialties like brain injury and car, truck, motorcycle, bike as well as wrongful deaths and other. Li is repeatedly recognized in Super Lawyers Magazine as a Super Lawyers Rising Star and is included in the Top Women Attorneys in Northern California list. Li is a part of the Litigation Counsel of America, where just 0.5 percent of lawyers can join. For more information, please call (888) 635-3259, or visit The law office can be found in 315 Montgomery Street, 9th Floor, San Francisco, CA 941104. To learn more details about Teresa Li in the news you can go to Law Offices of Teresa Li PC.

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