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TurnSignl Aims to Keep Everyone Safe During Police Interactions

TurnSignl Aims to Keep Everyone Safe During Police Interactions

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Interaction with a cop could quickly turn tense. Even if there’s no evidence that you did something wrong, the feeling of being stopped by a police officer can be uneasy or unsafe.

The data show that. Based on data collected from The Washington Post, about 1,000 individuals are killed by the police each year. Black Americans are killed by police in a similar amount that white Americans.

It’s not only American citizens who are at risk. Police have also been killed in a higher rate in accordance with FBI information.

The information is very clear. There’s an issue. The typical traffic stop shouldn’t have to be so hazardous.

TurnSignl has a method to aid. The first of its kind application, TurnSignl connects you with an attorney-on-demand. When you press a button on your smartphone, you will be connected with a licensed attorney who can provide advice regarding your rights, communicate to a police official on your behalf, and offer an honest and consistent evaluation of the situation.

Every attorney at TurnSignl undergo de-escalation classes so that they can handle challenging circumstances. They’re also knowledgeable and local to ensure that you’re speaking with somebody who understands the local law. According to the CEO as well as General Counsel Jazz Hampton, “TurnSignl ensures that all calls are addressed by an attorney who is practicing that specific type of law in the specific area. There’s nothing better in legal counsel than the one offered by a professional who is knowledgeable and trained in the proper methods, as law is different in every jurisdiction.”

Re-escalation and Accountability

The application records video using the camera on your phone’s front and stores the recorded video in the cloud. An attorney is displayed on the screen, allowing you to talk directly with the officer and you.

It’s a fantastic option to ensure that the issue doesn’t escalate without reason. If something happens there’s a record of what happened that’s securely and safe on the cloud. Your attorney will also assist you in managing the circumstances, such by advising you not to do things that can be perceived as resistance to arrest.

Protecting Your Rights

TurnSignl is also a useful option to are protected by your rights (and be aware of them) when you are in the context that you encounter with the police. What do you need to say to the officer at the station? Is the officer in possession of the probable reason to conduct a search of your car? This is the time to inquire about these issues immediately.

The video, however, can be saved on the cloud, nobody person can view it without permission from you The police are not able to view it or employees of TurnSignl and not even your attorney who you’re speaking to. If your rights were breached, and police are aware that you recorded in the presence of a lawyer licensed by the law You have proof of the incident that actually occurred.

To Get Everybody home safely

Hampton, Andre Creighton, Andre Creighton, Hampton and Mychal Felix are founders of TurnSignl. The founders of TurnSignl were raised with the late Philando Castile who passed away at a traffic stop routinely even though he was not armed. Following the death of George Floyd, they decided that they needed the app immediatelly.

The firm aims at keeping both law enforcement and drivers protected. In the words of Hampton, “TurnSignl is an application that bridges the gap between drivers and law enforcement, therefore we needed the input of law enforcement. We spoke with more than 20 police officers , including chiefs of police and boots-on-the ground officers – to find out more about the ways we can make sure that when people see the TurnSignl bumper sticker, they’ll feel more safe during their encounter than other ones vehicle they’ve seen that day.”

The application is being used in various states which includes Minnesota, Georgia, Florida as well as California The app is expected to be rolled out across the country in the next couple of years. The app has thus far proved successful. According to Hampton states, “TurnSignl receives calls every each day. For example, the Black woman from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, who just needed someone to assist her during the afternoon while she was on the way to drop off her children or the one who was triggered by police and was stopped at 1:17 am, and had an attorney available prior to an officer arriving waiting at his door. Everyday we hear about instances of individuals feeling more secure and exercising their right to be heard in a respectful and non-defensive way.”

There is no need to resolve this on your own – Hire a Lawyer

A consultation with a lawyer could aid you in understanding your options and help you defend your rights. Browse our lawyer directory to locate a lawyer close to you that can assist.