Is it Illegal to Drive Barefoot?

Is it Illegal to Drive Barefoot?

Do you have to be driving in barefoot? It is a question that is often in the minds of drivers during the summertime. Perhaps your teacher of driver’s education or your parents instilled the sin of driving without shoes in your head when you were a teenager. However, the truth is that there is a myth which stems from safety issues associated with driving barefoot.

State or federal laws do not make it illegal to drive a vehicle without footwear. Local authorities can also take a step back in regards to wearing shoes. For instance, in Tennessee they have a policy that states that local laws may ban the driving of barefoot without footwear. There are also guidelines in certain states that are incorporated into their driving rules concerning driving while wearing shoes, or any other type of shoes. It is the situation in Indiana as well as Iowa in which their laws state that driving without the use of footwear, even though it is permitted, is legally dangerous.

Driving Security

Although driving with bare feet could technically be legal, law enforcement officials generally do not recommend this due to security concerns. Examples:

  • Wearing barefoot can cause it to be difficult to be a driver.
  • The shoes you’ve thrown away could be able to end up stuck in the pedals of your vehicle which makes it more difficult to stop or accelerate.

Furthermore, if you are involved in an accident you may get a ticket for reckless driving, if the police find that your footwear caused the accident. The laws in Arizona, Arkansas, California and Nevada illustrate this.

It’s the same for high-heels as well as flip-flops. Although they’re footwear therefore, they’re legal to drive in but it is contingent on the ability to drive when wearing these shoes. If you are aware the flip-flops can hinder your driving ability so you should consider switching the flip-flops for Birkenstocks. There is a belief that both types of footwear reduce the pressure on your ankle, allowing you for you to hit the brake during an crisis. However, many will say that driving in shoes is safer as compared to using these kinds of footwear.

However, state laws could differ for different types of motor vehicle, such as motorcycles. A few states require footwear , and not just for the driver, but also for the passengers too. For instance, Alabama law states that “No person is allowed to be able to operate or ride on the motor-driven or stationary cycle in shoes unless they are wearing them.”

Different states such as California but do allow motorcycle riders to walk without shoes. “We definitely don’t advise this, however there’s no laws to prohibit it.” an California Highway Patrol spokesperson told The Los Angeles Times.

What happens What Happens Your Insurance?

In terms of the insurance you have on your vehicle You should be fine as it’s legal to drive with your feet in the air. As with tickets, if involved in an accident and the evidence shows that walking around in barefoot was one of the causes, your car insurance company could decline the claim. It is also possible to get a loss in a personal injury suit when you injure anyone else involved in the incident.

Although state law may allow you to drive without shoes but local lawmakers could pass regulations against the practice. Make sure to check with the local authority or talk to an attorney to ensure you’re allowed to press the pedal on the road without wearing footwear.

It’s not necessary to solve the problem on your own. Seek the help of a lawyer

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