The Top Four Criminal Law Issues in South New Jersey

The Top Four Criminal Law Issues in South New Jersey

New Jersey has one of the lowest rates of crime among those New England states despite a minor increase in the course of the Covid-19 epidemic. Numerous localities and states have responded to the increase in crimes by investing in the police department with more funds. But, each American is guaranteed an Constitutional right to have an attorney in the event of being suspect of being guilty. Here are some of the most common crimes in South New Jersey:

Criminal Crimes In New Jersey

Drug crimes account for many cases of arrest in South New Jersey. Certain drugs can carry more penalties when a person is found guilty of possessing, distribution, selling or controlling methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine marijuana, marijuana, or any other controlled prescription drug.

New Jersey drug laws are subject to federal as well as state law. New Jersey also has several state laws governing drugs that may not be valid in other states. Drug offenses can carry harsh penalties, which typically consist of the possibility of a large fine or jail sentence.

The Statutory Rope for New Jersey

The legal age for consent for New Jersey is 16 years old. In the state, New Jersey prohibits sex between those younger than 16 old and those with a minimum age of an additional four years of age. New Jersey has a “Romero and Juliet” exemption that allows an agreement between two minors that dated at school, but the younger one is 18 years old prior to the one. A statutory rape is a crime in New Jersey may carry a time of that ranges from 10 to 20 years in prison for state crimes, according to the nature of the crime. It could be beneficial to consult your case with an attorney when you’re accused of the crime of statutory rape in New Jersey.

Agression Violent in New Jersey

A aggravated assault within New Jersey is typically a second-degree felony that carries the potential for a sentence of as high as 10 years of prison. The aggravated attack can be punished if the victim was injured in a severe way. injuries, or if the perpetrator employed a weapon that is deadly, or committed an additional crime when committing the offense. Furthermore, a straightforward assault conviction can be changed to an aggravated attack in the event that the victim is an officer in the police force instructor, firefighter an elderly person or any other class that is protected. It is important to consult an attorney when you’re suspect of assault.

property Crimes within New Jersey

Property crimes include all offenses connected to destruction or theft of property. These include vandalism, theft, and arson. The potential sentences for crimes involving property tend to be in line to the gravity of the offense. Fines for criminal offenses can be assessed and jail time can vary from a few days up to several years. A defense to a property-related criminal charge can be based on the ownership of the stolen item or whether the person who committed the crime was granted permission to possess the property. It is advisable to consult with an attorney from New Jersey if you are being charged with property crimes.

Do I need an attorney for the Criminal Law Issue in New Jersey?

If you’ve been the victim of substance, property or criminal act, make contact with the police as soon as possible. The criminal prosecutor might assist you with the arrest and prosecution of suspects. Also, you should consider calling the civil lawyer to aid in filing a suit against the suspect.

If you’re a criminal suspect or defendant of being one, it is best to contact an attorney who specializes in criminal defense located in New Jersey. Attorneys can protect your rights and advocate for the case. The right of a person to consult a criminal defense lawyer when you’re being charged with an offense.