Update: State Police are investigating a personal injury hit-and-run accident that involved one of State Troopers in I-95, Westchester County. – nyspnews.com


Troop T Commander



The Trooper suffered numerous injuries in the Westchester Medical Center and has been released from the hospital, continuing his recovery in the comfort of his home. State Police are still looking for help from the public in identifying the vehicle that was spotted leaving the scene

crash. Anyone who has information about the crash is requested to get in touch with Troop T Headquarters at 518-436-2825.


Port Chester, NY – The 8th of September 2022 at around 8:46 p.m. A clearly marked State Police car was parked along the side of the highway Southbound, within the vicinity of mile 14.9. 14.9. A vehicle that was not identified, traveling southbound struck the back of a State Trooper walking back to his patrol vehicle after clearing debris off the road. The Trooper was hurt and taken to a hospital for medical treatment. The car failed to stop, and drove south onto I-95.

State Police have asked that the public call 518-436-2825 in the event that you witnessed the incident or have details.

The centers and right lanes, in the area between Exit 21 and the Connecticut State line, are currently blocked as a result of an investigation. Additional information will be announced as soon as it is accessible.