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COMIC: Is Bullying Legal?

COMIC: Is Bullying Legal?



Panel 1: A distressed round figure is surrounded by three other people who are staring at the figure in an unflinching manner. One of them is pointed at, one is yelling at the third, while another is giggling while holding a phone. Over the hurting character, there is a bubble of thought that declares “Is bullying against the law? Is cyberbullying a crime?”

Panel 2. A huge rectangular human-like document, with the words “LAW” as well as state drawings is positioned at the center of the screen. There are on either side two characters in a round shape, both wearing a cellphone and looking at the person who is a law enforcement officer in a state of fear and discontent. The text states: “We learn as kids that bullying is not good But what’s the law on bullying? What is as bullying is determined by your state’s law.”

Panel 3 An intimidating round person stands in a fierce posture with lightning strikes appearing out of the mouth, and striking the soul of a person who is distressed. The crying person is crying, and is holding his arm. The two are on the front of an elementary school. The message reads: “It could be bullying in the event that one student hurts the other in the school’s property or during an event at school.”

Panel 4 A classroom in a classroom, a student is carrying a backpack from one. The backpack appears to be floating in the air above the distressed student screaming “my bags!” and reaching for the backpack. The text reads: “It can also be an act of bullying when one student creates the impression of a hostile learning environment, hinders the education of another, or violates the rights of school property, or during a school function.”

Panel 5 An anxious character has their face pressed in fear and shock while looking at the text messages displayed from a cell phone. Text messages read “CU @ School Pay Attention” and the lines that appear on the screen indicate that they’re being sent from a menacing character located on the outside of the page. The text reads: “What about bullying online? Cyberbullying refers to situations where it happens via any electronic device such as the phone or computer (including in the social networks).”

Panel 6: A sad character is seen on the front porch of a simple home carrying a phone. The man says “This is a nightmare for me! I’m afraid for me to attend school tomorrow!” The cell lines emanating from the phone trace back to an empathetic person, who is in the front of a different home with a cell phone. The houses both have the word “HOME” in their fronts. It reads: “Even if the action is not in school there is a chance that it could be cyberbullying and sanctioned by the school when it disrupts the student’s education or creates disruption for students at the.”

Panel 7: A school building that is anthropomorphized, with arms and legs, holds the document called “code for conduct” and is pointing to it as it is viewed by an extremely ashamed-looking figure. The words read: “What are the consequences? If the behavior isn’t a crime then it’s likely to be the result of a violation of the State law on education related to the student code of conduct. The punishment usually consists of disciplinary actions that is decided in the hands of the teacher.”

Panel 8: A character stands and looks embarrassed before an official holding a gavel. Judge says ” your behavior is in violation of statute.” It states: “But bullying may be an offense if it involves the use of threats, harassment as well as assault, battery or an act that is referred to as hazing. In the event that the conduct is particularly serious (aggravating elements occur) the acts may be considered felonies.”

Panel 9 An empathetic individual sits on the bed, with laptops in their laps. The caption reads: “For more information, go to”

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