COMIC: I'm 18 and Dating Someone Younger. Is it Illegal To have Sex?

COMIC: I’m 18 and Dating Someone Younger. Is it Illegal To have Sex?


Panel 1 Two characters who have big eyes, are leaning towards each other like the left holds their hand in the direction of the right. They look at each other in admiration while an idea bubble appears above the head of the person that is on the left. The thought bubble reads: “I’m 18 and dating an older person. Does it violate the law to engage in sexual relations?”

Panel 2. A humanoid-like document that has the words “statutory sexual sex” written across its top is seen standing with his hands placed on its “hips” within two characters that are round. The pair on the left is carrying soda glasses with one hand, and an lover’s hand is in the other while they look into each other’s eyes. This is the code “18” is written over that of the figure to the left “15” is higher than that to the right. On the opposite aspect of the law is a second couple, who are who are sitting together in the dirt, gazing at one another while using the same mobile phone. Its number “16” is shown on both phones. It reads: “Did you know that when you’re over 18 and you have a sexual connection with someone who is younger or if you’re both younger than 18 years old, you may violate your state’s legal sexual hazard law?”

Panel 3 Similar scene that was in the previous panel but the couple on left are dumping their drinks and the entire group looks at the police officer in shock and with exclamation marks above their heads. The caption reads: “Here’s what you should be aware of about the laws regarding legal and statutory rape.”

Panel 4. The law-related character is magnified on the lower half of the panel. It has the phrases “statutory laws on rape” as well as “sexual activities that of a person who is too young to be consenting” included in. The text reads: “What is statutory rape? The law of statutory rape that criminalizes to perform sexual activities in a relationship with a person who law enforcement finds too young to sexual activities.”

Panel 5: The law character holds a sign with both hands, on each end of the “body.” On the left hand sign reads “old enough to have consent” and is placed over a tense blob. The sign on the right says “too young to sign” and is thrown out to an incredulous character that is shouting “I’m only one year older!” The text says: “What is the age of consent? The age of consent refers to what the law defines as that you are old enough to give consent to sexual conduct. The exact age depends on the state’s laws, however it typically falls between 16-18.”

Panel 6 A law-related character sits on top of two tiny round characters and asserts its power. Round characters state “But I am a consenter” as well as “Me also!” but the law character, who is furious, declares “I take care of my the age.” This text reads: “What if we both agreed? Although you may both be of the opinion that to be consensual, law doesn’t view it this in that. There is a chance that you could be charged with the law of statutory rape if you engage in any sexual activity that involves someone is, according to the law thinks is not old enough to be consenting.”

Panel 7: A new law character is revealed and appears directly in front of the first law character, keeping the characters from sight. The new character is the appearance of a rounded character sitting in a balcony gazing at the Romeo person within the courtyard. Two characters in a round pose in a hand, in the middle of the law character. One of the law characters states “too young” while the other states “it’s okay! They’re both close!” The text says: “What if we are two years apart and have not yet reached the threshold of consent? A majority of minors face legal rape accusations. However, many states are governed by “Romeo as well as Juliet” statutes to prevent the possibility of charges of sexual offences against couples or minors who have a close relationship to each other in the age range.”

Panel 8 The Romeo and Juliet character in law looks down at two characters in a round shape, whom look content, and states “I am concerned about the difference in age.” In the text, it reads “Romeo and Juliet laws safeguard those who share a similar age from being accused of legal rape in the absence of sexually consensual interactions. They rely on the difference in age between the couples to determine whether a statutory rape occurred.”

Panel 9 The somewhat worried person sits across a bed and laptops in their laps. The text reads “Visit which is where lawyers can be found nearby and find out more about the laws.”

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