State Police investigated a personal accident involving two tractor trailers inside working zones located on the Thruway within Onondaga County. –

Salina, NY – On 13 October 2022 around 6 p.m., State Police was called out to investigate a rollover collision which involved two tractor trailers located on I-90 located in Salina, Onondaga County.

The accident occurred near mile 286.4. 286.4 and is in an area of work. The preliminary investigation found the driver of Hussein E. Hussein 29, from Columbus, OH, was travelling westbound at the time he lost control of the roads that were wet. His tractor trailer was struck by the jersey barrier , and then continued on top of it after which it struck the eastbound tractor trailer and then crashing into the road. The driver of the tractor trailer Andrae D. Delisser 43, of Jamaica, NY, and Hussein was taken for treatment at Upstate University Hospital with minor bruises.

The collision resulted in all westbound and eastbound roads to close for an prolonged duration. There were traffic diversions at the exits 36 (I-81) and 39 (I-690). Because of the site of the crash , which was in an industrial zone, parking was not large, and there was no shoulder to ease the flow of vehicles. Troopers helped motorists thirsty during the time of delays.

When the major cleanup and cleanup efforts were complete the remaining vehicles waiting in the queue were cleared. The divertions were left in place till the trailers for tractor had been removed , and some damaged barriers were repaired by the company responsible to work in the zone.

The Department of Environmental Conservation responded at the scene and assisted in cleaning up approximately 200 gallons of diesel that was spilled. The lanes were reopened around 3:40 in the morning on Friday. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.