Personal accident law: For us it's personal.

Personal accident law: For us it’s personal.

Personal injury attorneys represent those that have suffered injuries as a result the actions of someone else’s actions or. The practice of law involves car incidents, slips and fall as well as animal bites, defective products and medical negligence cases.

A. A. Raymond Law Firm has the expertise and experience to deal with every personal injury case.

What distinguishes lawyer Angel A. Raymond, of the A. A. Raymond Law Firm distinct?

  1. Local Law Firm: Operating a business in Maricopa is a great blessing and I am absolutely thrilled to do it. Many of my clients are referrals from friends and family. Past and present clients are aware that I am an ardent advocate and believe that my company will uphold their interests and their loved ones. My business is run and I handle my cases in the understanding that my clients are my friends. I’m sure to meet clients throughout the town, like we do all of us, and visit the clients at any time.
  2. I’ve trial experience, and I will be able to represent clients in court: Most “billboard lawyer” you meet includes attorneys with zero trial expertise. Insurance adjusters have this in mind in responding to letters of demand. A lot of law firms are able to handle hundreds of cases. Customers who do not agree to a settlement deal are thought to be “difficult” and cases could be dismissed, leaving the client without legal counsel prior to the time for filing the lawsuit.
  3. Personal Connection: My mom and me were in a serious accident in Washington state in the year 1990. The driver of the car who struck us fled the scene, leaving us in a state of death. My internal bleeding was severe and was discharged after just one week of hospitalization. My mother’s life forever transformed by the injuries she suffered. Her right body was broken. The victim was placed in an induced medical coma, and was undergoing a series of operations. My mother did not receive one cent from this incident. Attorneys representing personal injuries visited the hospital, gave her promises , and then signed her. The driver who drove the car who struck us was drunk and his girlfriend had declared her car stolen. Insurance companies declined to take responsibility. My mom was unaware that her boyfriend, the driving the vehicle which we were driving, wasn’t covered by insurance. Lawyers knew the case was going to be argued and that it was likely to be an uphill fight. The lawyers dropped us. My mother was young, injured, was alone and didn’t know which options she had. Now that I’ve learned I know the exact circumstances that led to her injury and witness it happen to other people each and every day.

A. A. Raymond Law Firm offers exceptional legal assistance by combining passion and heart. Should you, or anyone else you knows needs an injury lawyer you can call them at 520-208-2274 and schedule free consultation. Email them at

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