It's Not 'Assault' if You Run Onto an NFL Field and Get Tackled

It’s Not ‘Assault’ if You Run Onto an NFL Field and Get Tackled

Don’t count on that the law will support your actions if they are foolish.

That’s what NFL linebacker Bobby Wagner will have taught protesters during the Week 4 Tuesday Night Football game between the Rams as well as the 49ers on Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco. As one of the most memorable plays of the game, Wagner tackled the protester when he was racing through the field with the Pink smoke bomb.

The protester then filed the police with a report that claimed Wagner attacked the man. It’s America in the end, right.

However, America regardless, this attack assertion shouldn’t be a success.

What happened?

Alex Taylor, an animal rights activist, is part of Direct Action Everywhere. Direct Action Everywhere. Taylor was protesting in order to draw attention to the trials of two members from Utah whom are accused of stealing the pigs. Levi’s Stadium security was able to block a second participant from entering the field but Taylor was way too quick to stop them.

It’s not fast enough for the NFL linebacker however. The blow Wagner hit on Taylor and led to the assault claim is now a viral story. In the report by Sports Illustrated, Taylor claims to have sustained a concussionas well as headaches along with a burned bicep on his right (though this could be due to the smoke bomb he threw at him). Police are currently investigating Taylor’s claims. The police have not yet brought charges. made.

And they shouldn’t not be. Wagner was entitled to use force in order to constrain Taylor.

The protester was trespassing in the Field

Then we’ll move to the highest point. The protester was not legally entitled to the right to have been present on the field. In the event that he purchases an admission ticket, he’s bound by the conditions and terms that come with the tickets. It grants an individual the privilege of being present in the stadium throughout the match, and also to be at a certain spot. However, a ticket does not grant any right to sit at the football field.

In statute, Taylor was trespassing. In California the state of California, trespassing constitutes an offense. It is a crime to be committed by being on or residing in the property of someone else without authorization. The majority of times the act of trespassing can be considered unintentional mischief. The penalties could include jail time of at least six months or the possibility of a fine up to $1,000.

Citizens’ Arrests

California permits a person who is a private citizen to detain another person for an offense that was which is committed while they are present. The type of arrest that is allowed in California is often referred to as “citizen’s arrest.” The concept of a citizen’s arrest may appear archaic which is why they are usually seen in films. These aren’t very common, however they’re certainly not rare.

California as well as other states, does not permit police officers in arresting suspects who are suspected of crimes that have not been committed while they are in their presence. In some cases, the only person who is able to make an arrest for a misdemeanor is a person who is not a citizen like an individual who is a victim.

According to California laws, an “arrest” is described as the act of the taking of someone for a particular reason and according to the procedure authorized by the law. If you’re someone who is a private individual looking to detain someone legally, you must demonstrate “probable probable cause” to be convinced that they committed a crime while in the presence of. There is probable cause when you believe that a reasonable person could conclude that the suspect committed the crime, is currently committing it an act, or has attempted to commit the crime.

The Reasonable Use of Force

California judges recommend that residents adhere to a specific method of arrest:

  • Let the person know that you plan to detain them.
  • Give the reasons to be arrested (and should you be able to specify the law you suspect they have violated).
  • Arrest the suspect as quickly as is possible following the discovery of the offense.

Though the usage of force is prohibited however, it is legal to use “reasonable force” for the purpose of arresting an individual suspect. The amount of force that is acceptable depends upon the circumstances and facts that are relevant to the particular case. If you make use of excessive force in arresting an individual, you are opening your self to civil as well as criminal legal liability.

Wagner Protesters are legally arrested

Let’s summarize. The protester was found guilty of an offense within the presence of Wagner by trespassing onto the field. Linebacker could legally detain the protester in accordance with California law. The question remains the question of whether Wagner was able to use reasonable force given the conditions.

In order to find out you can check out the clip. You’ll see that the body is cleanly hit. Wagner confronts the protester, security guards arrest him and take him to custody. Then, Wagner leaves. The flags did not fly. The official did not expel Wagner out of the game. The protester is able to get up a few minutes later and then is removed from the field by the direction of his own.

Wagner can provide a convincing argument that the usage of force was a reasonable one. The security force was unable to stop the person who was protesting. There was no way to determine what might be inside the smoke he had been scattering all over the fields. According to what Wagner stated that a security guard could be hurt in pursuit of the demonstrator. In the event of such a scenario any reasonable person who was in Wagner’s shoes might use the force that in order to stop the protester who was trespassing.

Americans Love to Sue

The goal of the protester was make his case more visible. The protester should be able to leave it as it is. Any prosecutor watching the video will find that Wagner made a legal arrest, and will not accuse the linebacker of assault.

If the protester wishes to play the lottery and see if they can gain any income from the publicity he has gained and fame, he could try to bring the matter in a civil lawsuit. Best of luck.

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