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COMIC: Halloween Crime and Teenagers

COMIC: Halloween Crime and Teenagers


Panel 1. An aqua-colored character dressed in a costume of a ghost stands alongside a round green costumed character sporting a witch’s cap and holding the bat. The text bubble is from the green person with the caption, which reads: “Could my Halloween fun be illegal?” By Maddy Buck

Panel 2. Four characters in diverse colors, such as the ghost and witch that was before the panel, stand in a street with exclamation marks over their heads. Ghost characters are holding empty toilet paper, while the purple one on its left is poised to kick pumpkins, while the witch of green to the right holds alcohol and the character in orange next to it is holding eggs. In the bottom, there is a text that reads: “It depends on what you’re going to do! If you’re old enough for trick-or-treating , but want to enjoy this holiday be sure to not engage in activities that could be illegal.”

Panel 3. The text states: “When it comes to alcohol, 21 is considered to be the legal drinking age for all of the United States. If you’re dressed as an adult who is over 21 you’re not yet old enough to legally drink the same as young as a teenager. The police are usually in search of the same thing on Halloween. So be sure to avoid mocktails.” The text in between is an orange character sporting the top hat, a beard, and an oversized word bubble which reads, “Call me Abe!”

Panel 4. The text states: “If you intentionally damage an individual’s property, you can be arrested and charged with vandalism. Put eggs and toilet paper at the house.” Below, you will find an apartment with a trees in front, as well as plenty of pumpkins. A character in turquoise will soon throw toilet paper at the ghost is ready to smash a pumpkin.

Panel 5: The text says: “If you go on the property of someone else without their permission, you could be violating their property. It is often a hand with vandalism.” Below are three homes that feature angry faces. Word bubbles have protruding out of the houses that read: “Trespasser!” In the front of each house are two small characters, the ghost and witch in a state of trespass. Above the image is a huge “X.”

Panel 6. The text states: “Disorderly conduct. It’s a catch-all law, which could include …” below there is an “X” placed on over two combat characters. Below that is the words: “Fighting, making threats and other acts of violence.” On the left is a ghost shouting “Boo” in large orange letters. It has an enormous “X” above the image. The text below the image reads “causing unnatural sound.” On the left and left is a green figure wearing an ersatz witch’s hat. It is throwing its arms out wide, and sporting an erupting speech bubble that shows that it’s swearing. Below it is the words “Using profane or offensive words and gestures.”

Panel 7 Its text at the top of the page reads: “These things are illegal on every days of the week. Even if Halloween isn’t scary, it does not mean that you are able to ignore the laws.” Below, you can see two rectangles of the same size with legs and arms as well as “vandalism and trespassing, minor drinking, or disorderly conduct” printed on the sides. The left one features pumpkins on the right and a witch’s helmet placed on the head of its owner. Between them are an “equals” symbol.

Panel 8. Its text on the left of the page reads: ” You can find out more about the law to be on the lookout for during Halloween, and throughout the year on” Below is one of the pumpkins on the left, smiling at a circular orange figure with the same dimensions and hue, and flapping its arms in disbelief at the almost identical pumpkin.

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