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COMIC: Can You Sell Adderall to Your Friends?

COMIC: Can You Sell Adderall to Your Friends?


Panel 1. The round turquoise-colored character hands the bottle of Adderall to a person while taking dollars on their other hand. A bubble of speech pops out of the turquoise person and asks: “Is it illegal to offer my Adderall to my acquaintances?”

Panel 2. Four characters in a round pose admiring the bottles of medication and surrounding “law” with legs and arms. The left side of the character who is lawful one of the characters in orange is saying “I’ll Venmo you!” To the right of the law person Green character speaks to the purple person right next to it, in reference to the bottle of prescription “What’s mine, is mine!” The text above reads: “It is illegal to distribute prescription medicines throughout America.” United States. It is against the law to selling them, either. Let’s take it apart.”

Panel 3. The paragraph in the upper left corner reads: “State and federal laws define medical and addictive substances in five lists which are also known as’schedules’ or ‘controlled substances. There are penalties associated with sharing, selling as well as using controlled drugs rest upon the specific schedule as well as the laws of your state. Certain substances, like marijuana are dealt with differently by the states and Federal government.” There are under that are five forms with arms and legs. Each with a distinct number from between one and five.

Panel 4. The content on this page reads: “Schedule 1 substances are generally considered to be the most dangerous which is why sharing or using them typically is accompanied by the most severe consequences. But, a lot of states have passed law that make the penalty for marijuana-related offences lesser severe. So, make sure you make sure you are aware of the state’s statutes.” The middle of the page is an elongated document with legs and arms. The document contains the phrases “Schedule 1” and “heroin Peyote, ecstasy and peyote LSD marijuana.”

Panel 5. The text on beginning of page reads: “Schedule 2 substances are the second most dangerous group of medications because they carry many potentials for abuse and even be prescribed for medical use. Adderall is typically considered a Schedule 2 controlled substance.” The text below is the shape of a rectangle, with legs and arms, which point towards the text on it. The text reads “Schedule 2” as well as “Adderall meth Ritalin and oxycodone. Vicodin, cocaine.”

Panel 6: A frustrated law character (a rectangular shape with legs and arms with the word “law” inscribed over it several times) shouts “NO!” in multiple speech bubbles. In the background are tiny round figures selling or giving away Adderall containers. One person says to the other, “Money please!” while another asks “Want one?” while holding out the bottle of Adderall. The above text reads: “In most states it is illegal to offer Adderall or to even donate it to someone other than yourself. This prescription is meant just for you!”

Panel 7 At the very top of this screen states: “You could also be facing a penalty if caught trying to offer or sell the contents of your Adderall. It’s usually a crime to commit Possession with intention to distribute and distribute’, even though you’ve got proper prescription.” In the background is a huge green blob with a phone or notepad that has notes written on it. Notes read: “Plan: ration pills or sell to family members, earn money.” The background is the bottle of Adderall in a chair.

Panel 8. At the top of the panel reads: “What happens if I find myself in trouble? Penalties for the offense could include the possibility of fines, probation or community service, compulsory substance abuse counseling and treatment and driver’s license suspension as well as jail for a period of.” Under the words are pictures of different punishments such as fines, a group of people getting counseling in a comfortable chair, a blob who is in jail, a person picking the litter up, and a blob in the school setting.

Panel 9 Text at the top of the panel reads: “You could also face punishment at school. This could include mandatory participation in your school’s program for drug education and suspension or even expulsion. If you’re a player in a team who is benched.” In the background the character is sitting with a sad expression on a bench sitting by himself. The basketball lies in a secluded spot close to the person along with an area of some kind.

Panel 10. The caption in the middle of the page reads: “And if you sell or gift an Adderall for a child in school or within a particular distance of a school (or when you strategy to do it) The penalties for committing a crime are often more severe.” Under the text, there is a school on the left, along with a flag soaring over. The path between the school and two people. One of them is pouring out some pills from an empty bottle to the hand of the other. The sign in front of them reads, “School Zone.”

Panel 11. Purple, round-shaped character is holding an bottle of Adderall. A bubble pops up and says “It’s mine, and I’m not able to give it away!” A turquoise character grasps the purple’s arm with bubbles that read, “Come on, please!” and “But we’re BFFs!” The text above the picture reads: “It doesn’t matter if you’re friend’s insistent on needing the medication. If it’s prescribed by you, it ought to stay to you.” The illustration below is the text “To find out more information, go to”

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