Big Ben Lawyers Celebrate Leading Personal Injury Lawyer Benjamin Charchian On Being Selected as Super Lawyer 2022 GlobeNewswire

Big Ben Lawyers Celebrate Leading Personal Injury Lawyer Benjamin Charchian On Being Selected as Super Lawyer 2022 GlobeNewswire

Glendale, CA, July 28th 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) The personal lawyer firm that handles accidents and injuries, Big Ben Lawyers is happy to announce that their chief and founding personal injury lawyer, Benjamin Charchian, has been selected as a Super Lawyer 2022. This honor goes to the highest 5percent of lawyers within California who have earned an impressive level of professional and peer recognition. success.

Mr. Charchian is an entrusted personal injury lawyer. He has dedicated the past fifteen years of his professional life to pursuing justice for injured clients. He has won more than fifty million dollars of settlements and verdicts, and has personally helped his clients obtain thousands of dollars in compensation for their traumas, including spinal trauma, bulging discs shoulders injuries back discomfort, neck discomfort and emotional stress.

Together with the team of lawyers from Big Ben Lawyers, Mr Charchian has helped thousands of clients throughout various personal injury and wrongful-death instances, including motorcycle accidents car accidents, truck crashes and slip and falls cases.

Big Ben Means Big Results

Established by Mr. Charchian in the year 2005, Big Ben Lawyers have been providing superior representation to victims seeking justice.

Focusing on just personal accident law, the staff of Big Ben Lawyers use their experience in this field to provide you with expert and wise legal counsel in addition to ensuring that you get the most satisfying quality experience, and the best amount of settlement.

They are dedicated to helping you through throughout the process in your legal journey Big Ben Lawyers guarantee that theywill:

  • Do You Have the resources Our team has the required experience, knowledge as well as access to numerous sources to make sure you are given a complete investigation of the case.
  • Make Sure You Receive The Treatment You’re Needing Over time, Big Ben Lawyers have developed actual partnerships with medical professionals within their own locality, to ensure that you are sure that you’ll get high-quality care that you are entitled to.
  • You are in complete control of Your Case The group of lawyers with expertise can take complete control of your case. This will include filing your complaint against the appropriate parties accountable and dealing together with insurance companies and anyone who is who is involved in the litigation.
  • Spend the Time to Take The Time To If you call Big Ben Lawyers, they are willing to sit down with you in a comfortable and informal discussion, to allow you to share your of your story with a friendly and supportive environment.

At you can find the full list of cases that Big Ben Lawyers represent, but some of their main areas include:

Personal Injury

Although there is a variety of personal injury lawyers in Southern California, it can be difficult to locate the right one to the needs of your. Big Ben Lawyers has experience with personal injury claims and has a group of professionals who are dedicated and have an impressive record of success in providing you with the level of service you require in your personal injury matter.

Car Accident

Although you may be an experienced and safe driver, it’s impossible to guarantee that other drivers are driving in the same manner. So, if you’ve been hurt in a motor vehicle collision, Big Ben Lawyers can offer immediate assistance to make sure that you receive as much money as you can and help all the way through.

Motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are responsible for the highest number of deaths per accident any other type of vehicle. Big Ben Lawyers believe that motorcycle drivers should be secured. The team is able to demonstrate a success in helping riders that have been injured with accidents to receive the compensation which they’re entitled to.

Unfair Death

A claim for wrongful death is an action filed by someone who lost their life due to the negligence of another or deceitful act.

A variety of different types of accidents could result in wrongful death circumstances. The causes of these cases usually change and vary based on the specific case among them include medical carelessness, motor vehicle crashes as well as pedestrian deaths.

Big Ben Lawyers will support and assist you throughout the course of your case, and will make every effort to ensure you get the outcome you desire.

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For a no-cost meeting to Mr. Charchian, visit him at Big Ben Lawyers 144 N. Glendale Ave Suite 250, Glendale CA. 91206 (818) 423-4878 or visit him online at