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Lawyer Reprimanded for Coded Sexism in Court

Lawyer Reprimanded for Coded Sexism in Court

What is the amount that lawyers believe they can be allowed to get away with? Evidently a lot, and especially when faced with adversity, or aren’t able to receive what they need. Do you think they’re a slap in the face to their egos? You can be slapped with a slap — in a subtle or explicit way — and claim it as an win. In the San Diego courtroom, the boundary was clearly marked in terms of the length an untrained lawyer could go to establish a case.

If You’re Don’t Have Something Nice to Tell the world…

The brief order of the 13th of July, 2022 is the complete record. Timothy A. Scott, from the company McKenzie Scott, stated on the record before the court as well as opposing counsel in an update on the status of his case from June 30, hearing in connection with the personal injury matter:

“…I do hope this doesn’t seem unprofessional, but to finish the weekend on a high note, I would like to say thank you to the court personnel. I would like to wish that you have a wonderful weekend the Mr. DeMaria. I would like to wish an excellent weekend to Mrs. Frerich. In addition, I’d like to wish that you have a great weekend to each of the MTS counsel. We’ll see you on Tuesday. I’ll see you on Tuesday.”

In the dark, and unbeknownst to San Diego County Superior Court Judge Eddie Sturgeon (who responded, “How thoughtful. “), Scott had intentionally insulted his counsel. The expression “See You Next Tuesday” is a coded insult that’s definitely NSFW and off-putting for this blog.

In essence, Scott was throwing a small rage because the judge denied his client’s argument, and probably even more so, because he had lost two females.

Code Cracked

It was that, up to Tuesday the next day, which was coincidentally the defense attorney Traci Legasse introduced the second meaning of derogatory to Sturgeon’s notice with an online dictionary of slang definitions to prove it (Once time, check for it yourself if really interested).

The meeting in the chambers was recorded. The best part is that Scott attempted to say that he was aware of the meaning behind the phrase and referred to it as an “inside joke” between himself with a lawyer. In a state of confusion about the date 2022, he claimed that he believed no one other than him would understand what the phrase was referring to. To put it simply: He believed that everyone other people were too ignorant to understand it.

Make sure to keep the inside jokes in Your Mind. The Next Time

Sturgeon declared, “It is not a comedy for the Court it is true that the defendant Mr. Scott made this egregious and insulting comment in the presence of two female lawyers through the use of a coded message. If it wasn’t the fact that Mrs. Lagasse bringing it to the Court’s attention, the wrongdoing could have gone unnoticed. Scott. Scott not only attempted to fool all counsel and even the Court by claiming the truth that he was simply wishing everybody a wonderful weekend. But it was actually him making a sexist reference to lawyers who were female and won an unsuit in this instance.”

Sturgeon submitted an disciplinary Referral for the California State Bar Association. There is no indication regarding disciplinary proceedings (typical). The Bar Association’s professional conduct stipulate that all lawyers licensed in California are not permitted to unlawfully or threatening another on the base of protected characteristics, such as gender. It would seem that as an attorney for civil rights, would know this is a bad idea.

In the wake of the public attention he received for Scott’s prank, Scott released a statement that essentially apologized for what did he do and asserting that “[itdid not align with my ideals,” which — was a sham. It is our hope that even if California Bar Association declines to adopt a resolution, he has gained a valuable knowledge about respecting not just the courts, but respecting the general respect for women.

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