When Lawyers Need a Lawyer: Wills and Succession

When Lawyers Need a Lawyer: Wills and Succession

Many lawyers, as everyone else the planning of succession and estate tends to be a sideline to the urgent needs that are in place. However, lawyers shouldn’t avoid hiring a lawyer in the interest of estate planning and also for their own law firm’s future succession (particularly when they’re sole practitioner or equity partnership).

Lawyers can’t write their own Wills?

Although technically anybody can draft your own will, the majority of legal experts recommend against those with no knowledge of estate planning. One of the biggest risks comes from the will’s being formally probated which could result in excessive expense, confusion and stress for you and the family you have chosen to inherit and your intended heirs. As state laws regarding wills are often nitpicky rules, particularly in relation to the creation of trusts, and insuring that the will is executed properly attorneys who don’t specialise in estate planning will prefer to find someone who does. If you decide to do your own will, read this article offering some helpful tips, and then have it evaluated by an expert estate planning lawyer.

Locate a Successor Lawyer

If you are a solo practitioner and those who are not making your own wills You may also want to think about getting a attorney involved in succession plan. If you’re not planning to retire, it’s important to be prepared concerning what you’re going to do should you crash into the ground or are struck by a vehicle. You do not want your customers to be hurt, and you do not want your family members having to figure out how you run your legal practice. If you’ve put an established succession plan it could be possible provide your family with a bit of money from your profession in the event of your death.

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A consultation with a lawyer could aid you in understanding your options and the best way to defend your rights. Check out our directory of attorneys to locate a lawyer close to your home who will be able to assist.