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Latest TikTok Challenge Creates Wave of Car Thefts

Latest TikTok Challenge Creates Wave of Car Thefts

TikTok is a long-running draw for daredevil kids.

The Milk Crate Challenge enticed people to scale tall stacks of Crates; and the Blackout Challenge lured participants to wait until they went black.

The challenges led to accidents and even deaths. This latest alarming TikTok issue, however has a distinct danger for those who participate in the event of participating with criminals in openly committing crimes.

It’s called”Kia Challenge. “Kia Challenge.” It is a challenge that encourages participants to take videos of themselves getting into Kia as well as Hyundai vehicles with ignition key mechanisms by smashing the back window, igniting engines using a basic USB cord and then going on a thrilling cruise.

Lawsuits Are Growing

The problem first came to light about two years back in Milwaukee and is now spreading across the United States. There are reports of a dramatic increase in break-ins and car thefts as well as class-action lawsuits filed from at least seven states allege that the vehicles have security issues which make them vulnerable to take.

  • In September. 2 two, on the 2nd of September, a St. Paul, Minnesota man filed a class-action suit on behalf of Kia and Hyundai and claimed that key-driven models have the “significant issue” that exposes them to being stolen. According to the police report, the police reported that 18 Kias along with 31 Hyundais were taken in St. Paul in all from 2021. By mid-July the numbers had risen to the 256 Kias and 221 Hyundais.
  • Three weeks ago the three residents from Columbus, Ohio, filed one of the class action lawsuits against two car manufacturers, alleging that their vehicles were insufficient because they do not have engines that are immobilized, preventing the automobiles from starting even without a key.
  • The Independence, Missouri, attorney brought a class-action suit in July against Kia as well as Hyundai in July in the name of people living in Missouri as well as Kansas. The lawsuit claims that manufacturers deliberately did not install security devices that would have prevented theft to cut costs.

The city of St. Louis, the thefts have become so abysmal over 1,200 Kias and Hyundais were taken in mid-August of this yearand St. Louis is now considering an own lawsuit.

What Owners Need to Do

Kia and Hyundai declare that all of their 2022 models have immobilizers in the standard package. Officials say those with 2011 and newer Kias and 2015 or later Hyundais must take steps to deter theft. The measures are:

  • You can park in areas that are well-lit
  • Utilize a steering-wheel lock
  • Think about purchasing an alarm
  • Be on the lookout for suspicious activities Particularly at night.

The lawsuits claim that the cars aren’t in compliance to federal safety standards since they do not prevent the car from starting when keys are taken off. The plaintiffs argue that Hyundai and Kia must refund the cost of purchasing the car and compensate the customers for any additional losses, and then repair the vehicles if needed.

Kia and Hyundai both deny the fact that the vehicles don’t meet the safety requirements of federal law, however they do provide lock locks on the steering wheels for police departments to distribute to many cities. Hyundai claims that it will be offering a security system for purchase and fitting in dealerships beginning October. 1. The security kits “target the entry method that thieves use to gain access to these cars” and cost the $75-$150 range. $150.

If you own a car with a key operated Kia or Hyundai you’ll be prudent to follow the guidelines that were mentioned earlier to lower the chance of being robbed. It is also important to determine whether you’re located in a place that has a class-action suit been filed. If so, you are able to include your name. It could be worthwhile.

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