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Make the Most of Your Law School Reading Week

Make the Most of Your Law School Reading Week

dropdown#toggle” data-dropdown-menu-id-param=”menu_term_241193933″ data-dropdown-placement-param=”top” data-term-id=”241193933″>final exams. But without the structure and regular schedule you’re used to during the semester, how do you make the most of your dropdown#toggle” data-dropdown-menu-id-param=”menu_term_241193937″ data-dropdown-placement-param=”top” data-term-id=”241193937″>first-year students, this time in limbo can be both exciting and a little daunting.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to have a productive and rejuvenating dropdown#toggle” data-dropdown-menu-id-param=”menu_term_241193942″ data-dropdown-placement-param=”top” data-term-id=”241193942″>last daydropdown#toggle” data-dropdown-menu-id-param=”menu_term_241193940″ data-dropdown-placement-param=”top” data-term-id=”241193940″>reading period much more productive.

Cut out redundant parts and streamline the sections that address rules you are so familiar with that you can recall them at night. If you’re not familiar with the components of torts by now there’s a bigger problem.

Don’t re-read everything

Mark it down. If you have a crucial instance that you were unable to comprehend then go back and review the subject. But re-reading all the course material after dropdown#toggle” data-dropdown-menu-id-param=”menu_term_241193925″ data-dropdown-placement-param=”top” data-term-id=”241193925″>law school, but some classes will use them. Your course syllabus should include information about the dropdown#toggle” data-dropdown-menu-id-param=”menu_term_241193956″ data-dropdown-placement-param=”top” data-term-id=”241193956″>Monday-Friday and have your weekend free.

Remember that you’re in this. You’ve already gotten into dropdown#toggle” data-dropdown-menu-id-param=”menu_term_241193939″ data-dropdown-placement-param=”top” data-term-id=”241193939″>exam period.

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