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4 Ways You Can Celebrate Pro Bono Week

4 Ways You Can Celebrate Pro Bono Week

The month of October is ideal because of a variety of factors. However, the final week in October isn’t just the time to dress in costumes and sweets this year. It’s an opportunity to celebrate an opportunity to celebrate the National Celebration of Pro Bono! If it’s a time to celebrate the great work done by others pro bono lawyers and finding ways to volunteer your time and energy, Pro Bono Week is the opportunity to celebrate the impact that lawyers make in their communities. Are you unsure of how to become involved? Get started with these suggestions:

1. Find Local Events

The Celebrate Pro Bono calendar features events taking place all over the country. From seminars to social gatherings to fund-raising events, there’s variety of activities for all. The local bar association is likely to have their own calendar.

2. Consider Who You Would Like to Help to help

Maybe your skills are at helping those who have suffered gender-based violence or would like to offer professional advice to non-profit organizations. The thought of your interests (other other than law) could help guide you to the people who could benefit of your pro bono service.

3. To recruit others

If you are a fan of a particular program for pro bono services, you can talk with colleagues about joining. It could be the chance to create an internal program!

4. Sign up to an Network

There are programs across the country that assist couple lawyers to volunteer opportunities or pro bono work. Participating in one of them will couple you to those who require your assistance the most.

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