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COMIC: What Happens When Teens Get Speeding Tickets?

COMIC: What Happens When Teens Get Speeding Tickets?


Panel 1. An anxious purple figure sits in the car and is holding a fine that states “U was speeding 2 times.” A bubble bearing the title of the comic appears from the mouth of the protagonist and reads, “I just got my license, and I was ticketed for ticket for speeding: What now?”

Panel 2. A huge speeding warning sign which reads “speed 55mph limit” holds its hands placed on its “hips” well from a crowd of cars who are moving at a high speed. The text reads: “Whoa, slow down! Driving too fast can be dangerous even for the most experienced drivers.”

Panel 3 Cars whirl along a highway, traveling quickly, at speeds of around 80 speed. The left-hand side of the screen is a photo of a record of driving in a computer monitor. On the right side, a few “driving lawful” appear to be standing upright. The text below reads: “The penalties for your ticket are based upon your driving history and the specific circumstances that led to the ticket for speeding, as well as the laws of your state. Take a glance.”

Panel 4 A person in orange who is carrying a bookbag and books and books, is asking “drive me to home?” The other character is embarrassed, grasping its arm before saying “I am only able to drive my sister and mom! I’m sorry!” They are standing on the side of the car in orange. It reads: “Most states have different degrees or classes of driving licenses. If you’re a minor Your license is likely to come with limitations. State laws may regulate the number of people who can ride inside the vehicle while driving, or permit the driving of relatives of yours.”

Panel 5: Below, a blue character who is holding a ticket, says “no fair.” The text reads: “Being under 18 may be a sign that you be required to perform more work than an adult in order to keep your license in good condition following an speeding violation.”

Panel 6 The green text states to a judge who is holding the gavel that “I just a tenth of a speed over the limit and kept pace with the traffic!” The text says: “If you get a speeding fine, usually it is accompanied by an appearance in court if you wish to challenge the charge. If you feel that the officer who issued the ticket was not right in granting you an ticket, you are able to be adamant and show up before a judge to present the claim.”

Panel 7: An orange round person says “OK. I’m going to speed up and I’ll be paying.” The person is holding a fine that states “U was driving 2…fast..broke the law..fine: $500..court date 9/1/22.” The sentence says: “If you plead guilty or not contesting then you’ll likely have to pay the fine. Paying the ticket is considered to be pleading guilty. If your state has points to keep an eye on your traffic offenses and points will be put on your driver’s report. Points you are awarded will be based on the seriousness of your traffic infraction.”

Panel 8: On the left is a ticket which reads, “Driving 150 mph in the 25-mph zone. Fine High, Points Court Date 10/2/22.” It features an arrow on it which indicates the license that has an “X” above the top. The entire thing is on top of the car which appears to be driving at a high speed on an unpaved road. The message reads: “Could your license get banned due to driving too fast? Possibly. Some states allow teen drivers require only a handful of points in order to be subjected to an automatic suspension of their license.”

Panel 9: A sad student is seated at a desk and watching a teacher, who’s pointing to the image of a 4-way stop, and stating “Very straightforwardly, the it is the right of way for the vehicle on the left.” This text reads: “Some states allow you to complete a program in order to erase the violation points off your history. Certain states also require newly licensed drivers go through an instructor-led driving class before you are able to move on to the next level of your driver’s license.”

Panel 10: A car is going through a stormy highway that has an upper limit of 55 miles per hour. The text reads: “Make sure to stick to your speed limitation! To find out more about tickets for traffic violations and the driving rules within your state, go to”

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