Jury Award Worker $100M by Personal Injury Case CBIA -- CBIA

Jury Award Worker $100M by Personal Injury Case CBIA — CBIA

A jury has handed the Connecticut family with $100 million following an injury at work left the man in a wheelchair.

The incident is traced back to the month of September in 2017, when Juan Cruz was working at an industrial warehouse located on Locust Street in Hartford.

As reported by the Hartford Courant, a temporary driver in the warehouse threw a light cube from the rack, smashing Cruz the pedestrian who was walking across the aisle.

Just a few days later, Cruz sued the Signify North America Corp., previously Philips Lighting for negligence.

After many years of litigating, the matter was finally decided by the jury.

In October. 5, 2022 on the 5th of October, 2022, a Hartford jury handed out $90 million of damages to Cruz to cover Philips his negligence. The jury also awarded an additional $10 million was awarded to his wife.

“This incident provides a stark reminder for employers of the importance of employers having to adhere to established safety standards and the necessity of ensuring the temporary employees are conforming to safety requirements of their company,” CBIA compensation services and safety director Phillip Montgomery said.