COMIC: What Happens if You're Caught Underage Drinking?

COMIC: What Happens if You’re Caught Underage Drinking?


Panel 1: A turquoise character stares in sadness at a character who’s holding a beverage with cups, and surrounded by empty bottles. The green person tries to appear normal and asks “What is the consequence if I’m found drinking in a pub with a minor?”

Panel 2. The states that have anthropomorphic characteristics (Nevada, Wyoming, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, and Louisiana) appear to be a bit smug in a straight line, while talking about things like “It’s all up to us!” or “We decide whom, when, and where , and how much alcohol to purchase!” Above them, the text states: “Rules around drinking, selling alcohol, as well as buying it is up to the states to make decisions.”

Panel 3: A rectangle with legs and arms, and an inscription “Federal Law” printed on it, holds an amount of cash towards an official character. the character is holding a piece of paper that reads “state law, the drinking age has been raised to 21.” Below, the text reads: “But in the 1980s when in the 1980s, U.S. government passed a law that stated that states who required federal funding to build their roads then they must pass law that would prohibit people who were not 21 from purchasing liquor. Thus, today, each state is required to have a legal drink-age of 21.”

Panel 4. In the background is a character in turquoise receiving drinks from a person wearing the long dress. On the left is a family around a table, drinking wine. There is text that reads “In with the supervision of a guardian or parent.” Below it is the caption “For education (like students in the culinary field trying the alcohol in a group class),” which is right next to a blob that has an angry chef saying “Recipe requires the best wines!” The text above states: “Even though 21 is the legal drinking age, many states permit underage drinking only for special occasions like: as in a ceremony of religious significance.”

Panel 5: A green blob holds a glass of wine in one hand, and holding a mobile phone to the side, with the word “911” on the back of it. The number reads “911 emergency response” and the person says, “We were drinking and my friend was having an excessive amount! Need help!” Above, the text states: “Also, in some states, it is not possible to be punished for drinking under the age of 18 in the event that you’re truthfully reporting an emergency medical condition or attack. States like these want that you not to be scared to seek help during an situation of emergency.”

Panel 6. The text states: “But some states don’t allow exceptions. Drinking under the age of 21 is illegal in these States.” The following are a few states that are able to say things such as “21 is the legal drinking age” and “No exemptions!” The states are Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, New Hampshire, and West Virginia.

Panel 7 A quartet of round-shaped characters with a distinct color as well as holding a drink that appears at least a little sheepish beneath the text that states: “So what happens if I’m found?

Panel 8: A purple blob is seated at the desk, picking up trash, and settling in a counseling session by a green blob sitting in an armchair. The text reads: “Underage drinking is typically considered to be a criminal misdeed. In the case of a first offense it is possible to pay a fine, enroll within an alcohol-related education course, undergo counseling, or complete the community service.”

Panel 9 An emerald-colored round figure looks extremely sad perched on a bench in front of bars. Below is a text which reads: “but if it happens more than once, you might be sentenced to prison time.”

Panel 10. Certain rectangles with legs and arms as well as the words “laws” as well as images of wine glasses are displayed beneath the text that reads: “Find out more about drinking and law on”

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