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Personal injuries are extremely widespread, and it is estimated that 39 million individuals require medical attention for the injuries caused by accidents due to carelessness. Based on statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Personal accident injuries constitute the top reason for deaths across the United States.

“The quantity of those that suffer the result of negligence-related injuries is extremely high. Many of those who suffer from injuries could be left with permanent handicaps for the rest of their lives.” claims Lin McCraw of The McCraw Law Group. A personal injury lawsuit could help victims recover costs caused by the injury.

There are a variety of personal injury lawsuits. Many of them leave an impact that lasts for victims’ lives. The type of claim that a victim will pursue is based on the type of injury suffered.

The most common personal injury claims in Texas

These are the most common kinds of personal injury claims in Texas:

#1. Slip and Falls

A lot of people view slips and falls to be minor injuries. However the fact is that slips and falls can be among the most hazardous accidents since several have sustained serious injury from these fall. The most frequent injuries suffered by victims are fractured legs, broken legs, or head and neck injuries.

A large number of Texans attend emergency rooms every year to receive medical attention for injuries sustained due to slips or fall. The property owners must ensure their premises are safe and alert for hazards to safety that the occupier or owner knew of or should have been aware of. If they do not take this step and people end up getting injured, they might be found liable, and be required to provide compensation. This law area is complicated because it is property owners’ duty based upon the type of victim, whether the danger is clear and obvious or, in the event that it is it is if the person had to be forced to traverse the danger or if could have been avoided to stay clear of the danger.

People who suffer from slips and falls injuries may also be eligible for reimbursement for income loss if they’re forced to work for a period of time in order to heal their injuries. In some cases, the victims could suffer long-term disabilities which make it impossible for them to carry the normal routine. If this happens it is best to file an claim for damages to damages is the best option.

#2. Medical Drunkenness

Medical professionals owe their patients the responsibility of providing a standard medical care to them. But healthcare professionals are prone to errors that could cause harm to their patients. If medical staff commit a mistake which leads to injury or even death for the patients they treat, they could be susceptible to being sued over medical negligence.

Most common errors that may cause a medical negligence suit can be a result of:

  • An incorrect prescription for drugs or the dosage
  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Unnecessary or incorrect surgery
  • The patient is left with objects inside his body in the course of surgical procedures
  • The wrong test is ordered or failing to place an order for the test
  • The procedure is performed within the incorrect part of the body
  • Infections, bedsores, and infections

Medical errors are serious since it can cause the death of a patient and, in many situations, can aggravate the person’s existing health conditions.

#3. Unsafe Construction Sites

The construction sites are one of the places that accidents frequently take place. Accidents at construction sites is much higher they are compared with other workplaces.

Workers on construction sites are constantly in danger of injury resulting due to the falling of scaffolding, the being exposed to electrical wire slips and falls and accidents that involve machines used for work. Workers on construction sites who get injured during an activity that is related to their job should consult an attorney for personal injuries to help file claims.

#4. Car Accident Claims

Most commonly, a personal injury lawsuit within the United States is car accident lawsuits. According to NHTSA the NHTSA, as many as seventeen thousand crashes occur each day on American highways. A lot of accident victims suffer severe injuries that result in medical bills that can exceed thousands of dollars.

The most important reason behind the incidence of auto accident is the negligence of drivers. Most of the time, negligence is due to drivers not adhering to the traffic laws. In order to receive an award for compensation in the event of a car accident it is necessary to show that the incident was caused by carelessness.

Finding fault most of the time will be a challenge. So, victims of accidents must consult an expert in the field of law who can help them establish their claims. If the driver is found guilty, they must compensate the victim.

#5. Assault

While assault is among the most frequently filed lawsuits for personal injuries in Texas but it’s not the cause of carelessness. In the event of assault, one person willfully does injury to someone else. Since society is becoming increasingly aggressive every day The number of assaults is increasing and is cause to be concerned.

One could be the victim of attacks from relatives or acquaintances. A majority of assaults are followed with an additional criminal case particularly when it is found that the crime was committed in a malicious manner. So, those who have an assault charge must collaborate with an experienced attorney to assist them through the process of court.

The process of filing an Personal Injury Lawsuit to Texas

Texans suffering from personal injury cases may file civil lawsuits for reimbursement of expenses. The procedure for lawsuit is defined by the law of the state. Non-criminal lawsuits is able to be taken in court for a contest or an uncontested matter.

In a case that is contested, that the parties were unable to reach an agreement and require a court to issue the ruling. In such a case the court requires the parties to debate and present all evidence needed to support their arguments. Parties involved in the case will need assistance from a skilled lawyer who can help them advance their argument.

In contrast the parties that have reached an agreement but would like to legalize it could file a non-contested lawsuit. In this case all the judge will have to do is accept the deal reached between both parties, making the agreement legally legal and binding.

Statutes of Limitation

Personal injury cases demand victims to make a claim within a certain time period, outside of which they might have to give up the claim. This period is called the statute of limitations. The limitation period in the Texas state Texas is 2 years after the date that the accident was sustained or the person first became aware.

Bottom Line

Personal injury lawsuits can allow the victim to recover compensation for injuries sustained. Engaging an experienced attorney to handle the lawsuit and aid you in recovering compensation is the best option.

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